Jun 25, 2015

Recent Reads: A Brave Day for Harold Brown by Mishana Khot

A Brave Day for Harold BrownA Brave Day for Harold Brown by Mishana Khot
Publisher: Mishana Khot
Publication Date:  August 31, 2014


Format: ebook
Source: From the Author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has altered my opinion or review.




Goodreads Synopsis: 
All Mr. Brown wants is a nice cup of tea and a peaceful evening with his cat on his knee. He’s too old for love and adventure. Or so he thinks.

This morning when Harold Brown woke up, it seemed like a normal day. Why would a 50-year old man feel anything about a circus coming to the quiet town of Limberlost? But BonBon Circus has brought a Bengal tiger, and Harold’s never seen a tiger before. When he decides to disrupt his routine to visit the circus, it sets in motion a few other changes, all leading up to one thrilling day. Will Mr. Brown’s life ever be the same again?
This was a very cute story about an old man who never takes chances, has the same routine every day without fail and suddenly is taken aback by the urge to go out and do something. In this tale Harold Brown notices a circus in town and wants to visit to see the tiger this and all the strange turns of events lead him to an amazing adventure.

I really enjoyed the novella and honestly I wanted more when I got the the end. It felt a little incomplete to me, but that is often how novellas are. Harold was a very myterious main character, I wanted to know more about him and his life but couldn't in the context of this story. I also wanted to know more about the circus - seems so interesting. 

Overall the adventure was a wonderful one about taking risks and just going for it and not being afraid to get outside your comfort zone. Very fun, quick read.


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