Oct 30, 2013

Blog Blitz: Except and Giveaway! -- The Dream Slayer Series by Jill Cooper

The Dream Slayer
Jill Cooper
(The Dream Slayer #1)
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

About Book 1:
When your dreams come true, sometimes you get more than you bargained for...

Natalie Johnson has always dreamed she’s someone else; calm, beautiful, in control. A chosen warrior with a maniacal arch nemesis and a dreamy boyfriend, the type that can make your knees melt and your heart quiver.

Real life is much different. She’s tormented by a bully and endures the sharp tongue of her father, but finds solace in her dreams.

When her bully ends up dead, de ja vu from a dream hits her hard as everything around her begins to fall apart. Whatever killed Sarah in her dreams is now in reality, hunting her from the shadows. And it wants her dead.

Somehow as the lines between reality and nightmare blur, Natalie must discover hidden strength to pull her friends and family back from the brink of madness.

Demon Royale
Jill Cooper
(The Dream Slayer #2)
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

About Book 2:
Since becoming employed by a supernatural protection agency, Natalie Johnson's life has been more interesting than ever. While most teens are working on their summer tans, Natalie works on slaughtering the undead lurking just outside her town's borders.

The workload takes more than just a toll on her love life, it dampens her spirit and her health, as the town is plagued by a mysterious murderer intent on stealing the residents' souls. Natalie's investigation is hampered by her declining health and the sicker she gets, the more inadequate she feels.

Guilt over her inability to act, weighs heavily on Natalie's shoulders during a time when her strength is needed more than ever. As some of those closest to her begin to lose faith, she must make the hardest stand yet to save the soul of the one person she can always count on:

The Slayer.

Dawning Apocalypse
Jill Cooper
(The Dream Slayer #3)
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

About Book 3:
Protection, murder, deception....

No one can know Natalie works for a supernatural protection agency and is charged with protecting Meadow’s Creek from vampires. But as their numbers swell, their presence doesn't go unnoticed throwing her town under the microscope from the local government and the FBI.

Natalie’s job is pushed even further into the shadows where she must dodge the police, concerned citizens and even her own parents.

Meanwhile a deadly plague grips the town and Natalie suspects it’s more than just a hacking cough. While the stress of working overtime erodes her relationships she will race against time, illness, to face a familiar enemy, save an old friend, and stop an undead seize that wants nothing more than to suck Meadow’s Creek dry.


Tristan beamed. “You’ve grown so much this past year. There was a time you would never be able to say something like that.”
Natalie grew taller under his gaze. “I get my strength from you.”
“No, you don’t. You’re Nat. You’re strong all by yourself, princess.”
“I like it when you call me that.” Natalie said softly.
“It’s true. You’re even better than a Disney princess. You’re the Miller princess.”
Natalie’s heart leapt and tumbled in a way that was special; new. “I’m yours?”
“Uh-huh and there’s something I want to give you. I wanted to wait until it was special, but you look like you could use some cheering up.”
“Give me?” Natalie was surprised. “Did you get me a present?” She bounced lightly.
Tristan fished around inside his pocket and finally pulled out a small box; it was a small velvet box. Natalie saw ones like it on television all the time and in her sister’s bedroom. Her head spun, wondering what could possibly be inside such a box.
“I wanted to do this at that fancy restaurant last week, but it was still on layaway.” Tristan flipped the box open.
Natalie gawked at the silver ring. It was a simple band and crusted on all sides with jagged cuts of gems in a rainbow of colors. She never knew anything could be so beautiful or that anyone would ever think enough to get something so nice just for her.
“I know it seems kind of dorky, but when I saw it, I thought, that’d be perfect for Nat. I could see how it’d look on your finger. You never ask for anything. You just do this incredible, responsible job and you never ask for anything nice. The way you were just now with your dad…I guess I never saw how much responsibility you really have. I need you to know, Nat, I’m serious about this thing. Us.”

Ebook of Dream Slayer for one winner (INT)

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About the Author
Author of the YA Dream Slayer series, Jill loves to blend horror, comedy, the supernatural, and love, through her novels. A fan of genre blending, her work strives to cross boundries, but most of all strives to entertain.

She loves soft cuddly cats, warm blankets, and paranormal romances.

Jill resides in Massachusetts, is constantly renovating her home that she shares with her husband, young daughter, and two skittish cats.

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Cover Reveal: Wasteland by Lindsay Leggett









Wasteland by Lindsay Leggett 
(Flight #2)
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

About the Book:
Wasteland, the next book in the FLIGHT trilogy, takes place a few months after the ending of book one.

Trapped in a cell and experimented on, Piper Madden’s only hope is remembering Asher. Then, Elder Corp President Rupert Elder gives her new orders: to be a leader in a war against the Harpies. Without a choice, Piper must obey Rupert’s commands or suffer from paralyzing and painful Nanomachines. But the war is just beginning, and Asher has gone missing. The resistance is slowly building, and the upcoming war will be larger and bloodier than anything seen since the Devastation that ruined the earth. Throughout all of this, Piper remembers the time before she ran to Ichton, when David was alive and her hope in Elder Corp was still strong.

About the Author
Nearly every writer struggles to put together information about themselves, perhaps because we’re so used to detailing the lives and ways of others. For the most part I am a writer, editor, photographer, and all-around artist living in the wilds north of Toronto, Ontario. I thrive on the juxtaposition of beauty and grit, enjoy urban crawls, indie everything, and time well-spent in the woods.

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Oct 29, 2013

Interview and Giveaway with Sherry Ficklin and Tyler Jolley authors of EXTRACTED

Welcome to Cover2CoverBlog!
Could you tell us a little about yourselves?

Sherry- Sure. I’m a full time author, internet radio show host, and book addict. I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars, but only because I think George Lucas sold his soul to Satan (that can be the only explanation for episodes1-3), I question the validity of Batman's membership in the JLA, I wish they would let the cast of Firefly and the cast of Glee battle it out Hunger Games style for a spot on FOX, and I believe anyone who refers to Link as Zelda should be neck slapped.
Basically, I'm over caffeinated and over opinionated. (Read: Uber Nerd)
Tyler- I’m a Gemini.  I’m an orthodontist by day and a writer by night.  I have outfit changes for those jobs in my life.  So I do kind of feel like I’m a super hero.  I’m not a fulltime writer like Sherry, but I’m very jealous of that.  I found that writing for me helps me find balance between teeth and other aspects of my life.  I love to mountain bike, I own a tractor and I’m a fake farmer but I have a real farmer tan. 

What was your inspiration for Extracted?

Sherry- I love the story of the Romanovs, the mystery around it. I was watching a special on TV when the idea of making them time travelers hit me.
Tyler – Sherry was the one who came up with the initial story line for Extracted.  It has changed many times since then to what it is now, during that process my research about steampunk inspired me quite a bit. 

Which came first – the story or the characters? 

Sherry- Ember spoke to me first. In my head, while I was working on other books, she was nudging me. For a while all I had was her name. The story came much later.
Tyler – For me it was a little opposite, Sherry had already mentioned some very preliminary ideas about the story.  Immediately my mind went into world creation mode.  Steampunk was a new genre for me, and I found it so intriguing that I started imaging locations that characters could be in, and hideouts they could hide in.  Character development came later, I always new some of the main character names and genders, but they weren’t fully developed until the world was created. 

What is your favorite part about the writing process?

Sherry- My favorite part is hearing from readers. I feel like a book isn’t real until people read it. And I love the feedback, it’s a great feeling when you’ve created something people love.
Tyler – My favorite part about the writing process is being able to get lost in a vivid and fantastical world that I’m trying to create.  I love the brainstorming process and if I can find anybody who will listen.  I like to talk about my stories.

 Do you have a special writing spot?

Sherry- My office pretty much. I go other places when the chaos levels get too high, but my office is decked out to be perfect for all my needs.
Tyler –On a boat, on a train, on an airplane or in the rain.  It’s not a structured thing, I basically write wherever I can.  I make the most of every minute of the day.

Is there anything about you that would surprise your readers?

Sherry-I don’t know. I’m a pretty open book. I do have a deep and abiding love of classic muscle cars and football. That tends to surprise people.
Tyler – I think it would surprise reader to know I didn’t read my first book, start-to-finish, until I was 21.  My ADD made it impossible to stay focused on a book until the end.

What is your favorite random fact? (We all have them, mine is: did you know that the plastic end pieces of your shoelaces are called aglets? I had no idea they had a name)

Sherry: Did you know the term ‘whipping boy’ comes from the middle ages when royal children weren’t allowed to be punished so they kept other children around to take the punishments for them?
Tyler – Banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories an hour, so there’s that.

If you could meet anyone, any time or place; who would it be and why?

Sherry-I’d go with Nikola Tesla because after writing him for so long, I kind of feel like I know him and I’d be curious to see how close I really am.
Tyler - I would want to meet George Lucas during a brainstorming session about Star Wars before it was created. 

What are you reading right now? Do you have any book recommendations for us?

Sherry- I just read The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory. Stunning and beautiful. I recommend the whole series.
Tyler – I’m reading Black and Gold Empire Andrian Tchaikovsky.  It’s very creative and intriguing with some undertones of race and government.
About the Book:
Welcome to the war. The Tesla Institute is a premier academy that trains young time travelers called Rifters. Created by Nicola Tesla, the Institute seeks special individuals who can help preserve the time stream against those who try to alter it. The Hollows is a rogue band of Rifters who tear through time with little care for the consequences. Armed with their own group of lost teens--their only desire to find Tesla and put an end to his corruption of the time stream. Torn between them are Lex and Ember, two Rifters with no memories of their life before joining the time war. When Lex's girlfriend dies during a mission, the only way he can save her is to retrieve the Dox, a piece of tech which allows Rifters to re-enter their own timeline without collapsing the time stream. But the Dox is hidden deep within the Telsa Institute, which means Lex must go into the enemy camp. It's there he meets Ember, and the past that was stolen from them both comes flooding back. Now armed with the truth of who they are, Lex and Ember must work together to save the future before the battle for time destroys them both again.

More about the Authors:
Tyler H. Jolley is a sci-fi/fantasy author and full-time orthodontist, periodontist (see: Overachiever). He divides his spare time between writing, reading, mountain biking, and camping with his family.

Sherry D. Ficklin is a full-time writer and internet radio show host with more mouth then good sense. She has a serious book addiction, but continually refuses treatment, much to her husband’s chagrin.

Tyler and Sherry met one fateful day and bonded over their love for books, science fiction, and donuts. Their first co-written novel came shortly after. Now, they still do all those other things, but also go to various steampunk conventions and events under the guise of ‘research’. They can often be found lurking on the Lost Imperials Facebook page or over on the official website, www.thelostimperials.com.

Preorder link US amazon: http://amzn.to/14JLNuA
Preorder link UK amazon: http://amzn.to/17o8zZp
Preorder link b&n: http://bit.ly/13SCJ3P

Cover Reveal: Giveaway -- Jaded Stone by Kelley Walker









Today is the cover reveal for Jaded Stone (Souls of the Stones) by Kelly Walker!


In Cornerstone, Valencia Roth died to protect her daughter. In Jaded Stone, she'll live for her.

Twenty years before the events of Cornerstone, Valencia Roth is the Crown Princess of Sheas, as lonely as she is privileged. She wants for nothing, except a clear path toward peace for her land. She’s always known personal happiness might not be in The Three’s plan for her. As the future ruler of Sheas, and a Cornerstone, her life belongs to her people.

But when Valencia meets the charming Reid Hendel, she dares to believe love could be within her reach. That is, if they can both survive long enough for it to blossom. A new threat prowls the land, and she’s their primary target. Armed with stubborn pride and all the resources of Sheas, she fears nothing—until her brother leads her intended directly into the fray and at least one of them doesn’t return. 

Burdened with grief, Valencia must carve her own path forward. From the forge of chaos, a new era will be born.

  Check out the new covers for the rest of the Souls of the Stones series


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About the Author
Kelly Walker is a YA and NA author of several romantic titles, including the Souls of the Stones series. She has an unhealthy appreciation for chocolate, and a soft spot for rescued animals. Her best lessons on writing came from a lifetime of reading. She loves the fantastical, and the magical, and believes a captivating romance can be the most realistic magic of all. Kelly, her husband and her two children share their Virginia home with three dogs who walk her, and two cats who permit her to occasionally share their couch.

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Oct 28, 2013

Blog Tour: Excerpt and Giveaway-- The Strings of the Violin by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

The Strings of the Violin (Hadariah Chronicles-Book One) by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Prizm Books
Date of Publication: June 26, 2013

ISBN: 1610404947
Number of pages: 212
Word Count: 55,000

Cover Artist: Brandon Clay

Amazon    Paperback     Prizm Books

About the Book
Seventeen-year-old Carrie is lying in her backyard ignoring all the looming responsibilities in her life, when a fox makes a mad dash across the grass in front of her. After she manages to keep her dog from attacking the frightened animal, the fox turns to Carrie and seems to bow in gratitude before he disappears into the bushes. All Carrie knows in that moment is that something has unexpectedly changed in her life.

Carrie has been best friends with Lindsay Smith and Rebecca Campbell for years. During a summer when they should focus on choosing colleges, the girls suddenly find themselves swept away on the adventure of their lives.

The fox reappears three days later and reveals to Carrie that he is Adom, emissary to the king of Hadariah. With his land of music and magic in peril, Adom has been sent to seek help from Carrie and her friends. In the blink of an eye, the three teenage girls go from living an average suburban life to being the champions of a world where they must contend with giants, witches, and magical beings. Will they ever make it home once more?

Carrie Eisen lay in the grass, knees bent, a sweatshirt pillowed under her head. The sun felt warm on her body as she drifted off to sleep. She had gone outside intending to read the new fantasy novel she had bought. She had read a few chapters and put it aside, just soaking up the sun. In the backyard, her cocker spaniel, Finnigan, was hunting flies. So far, he had caught none. But he refused to give up, leaping about in the grass and futilely pouncing on the buzzing insects.

There was one month left in summer vacation, and come September, Carrie would start the twelfth grade. This was something she did not want to think about until it was absolutely necessary. To her, her final year of high school meant she would ultimately have to make decisions about her future, decide a path, and begin to grow up -- something she dreaded with all her heart and soul. She wished she could just run away and have an adventure like the characters in the books she loved.

Already her parents were on her case, encouraging her to research universities and pick out programs she liked. She was finding the entire thing overwhelming. At the age of seventeen, how was she supposed to decide these things? It was hard enough some days to figure out what she wanted to eat for breakfast. But they were pressuring her to start now. She would have to do her applications this year. Her mind swam with choices and questions. What if she was rejected from the programs she wanted? What if a school looked good on paper but was horrible when she actually got there? She knew she could always change her mind, but it might mean a wasted year. And what were her friends doing? She knew they were as confused as she was, and Carrie was thankful she was not alone. She dreaded going to a large university and knowing no one. She had this vision in her head of being a lost first-year student dwarfed by a cold and massive campus. She did not want this but feared it was inevitable.

Carrie was a tiny girl in all respects, except her eyes. She had huge green-blue eyes that seemed to take up a full third of her heart-shaped face. They peered out from behind a sandy fringe of bangs, always drinking in every aspect of her surroundings. She wore her hair in a shaggy pixie cut that she never let get any longer than chin length, but it was constantly out of control.

She had been lying in her backyard for over an hour. The idea of just being lazy and ignoring all responsibility had appealed to her, and she had indulged this whim with a vengeance. Barefoot, in a pair of raggedy cutoff jean shorts and an old T-shirt, Carrie had run outside and flung herself out onto the grass, prepared not to move until she absolutely had to. Finnigan had followed, leaping at her ankles, begging to play, but Carrie had turned away, resolving not to use a single ounce of energy on anything other than soaking up the sun on that hot summer’s day.

Now, after some time had passed, Carrie lay contented, her mind deliciously blank. She heard, as if through a fog, the barking of her dog and the buzzing of the flies. She could hear the happy panting as Finnigan occasionally walked up to her and left a present of an unfortunate insect. Silently, a new sensation crept over her body. Her blue eyes flew open, and she glanced around. Despite the sun’s warmth, Carrie felt goose bumps prickling up and down her skin. She felt a distinct feeling that someone, somewhere, was watching her. She sat up and quickly spotted Finnigan. She opened her mouth to call to her dog but could not find the voice to do it. The words caught in her throat. Finnigan was standing and staring at a small bush that grew in a corner of the yard. He was growling, a low rumble that Carrie could feel vibrating in the air around her. The guttural sound caused the hairs to stand up along the nape of her neck.

“Finn?” Carrie managed to get out. She could not believe how hoarse her voice sounded. Her pet’s behavior was giving her the creeps. “Finn, what is it?”

Upon hearing his name, Finnigan turned to Carrie and cocked his head to the side, as if asking if she saw what he did in the bush. When he got no answer, he turned back and continued to stare fixedly.

Carrie squinted at the leaves, wondering what it was that had so enthralled him and so spooked her. She peered intently and let out a small gasp when she spotted two coal-black eyes staring right back at her.

Carrie scrambled to her feet, never taking her eyes off the bush. A black, button nose appeared below the eyes. A long red snout. Two large ears, a face, a small body. Carrie made a grab for Finnigan as the fox sauntered out from within the branches.

“Oh no,” Carrie breathed. She knew not to make any sudden movements around a wild animal. Unfortunately, Finnigan did not seem aware of this bit of advice, and he lunged at the fox. He snarled, gnashing his teeth at this creature who dared to invade his yard.

Carrie let out a cry of alarm as her dog escaped her. “Finnigan!” she yelled and propelled herself forward as dog and fox made a mad dash across the lawn. Carrie ran, her bare feet skidding across the ground, arms reaching, desperate to get a hold of her pet. Finnigan leapt ahead, just out of reach.

The fox ran at the head of the chaseeither bolder than Carrie had first thought or spurred on by fear. Finnigan was merely a few steps behind him. Carrie made a leap for the spaniel and just missed him, falling face-first on the grass, staining her shirt and chin green. She quickly picked herself back up and tried to cut the animals off from a different angle, but again she was unsuccessful. Her mind filled with frightening ideas about what would happen if the fox turned on her dog. What if it was rabid? What if it bit Finnigan? A whole list of horrible scenarios filled her mind. She was panicking, not just for her dog but for the fox as well. She did not know what would happen if Finnigan got a hold of the animal. There was always a chance that he was not chasing it to play, but to hunt and hurt.

Carrie tried again to make a grab for Finnigan. This time she managed to get a hold of him, eliciting a yelp of surprise. He tried to bolt out of her arms, upset at the indignity of being kept from his prey. She held on for dear life as he squirmed and struggled to get back to the chase. She held tighter, and he finally gave up, panting against her chest.

Carrie stood and surveyed the yard, trying to see where the fox had gone. She finally spotted him sitting calmly by the same bush from which he had first emerged. He peered back at her with intelligent, thoughtful, almost curious black eyes, his red fur stark against the green of the bush. Carrie could not understand how he could have hidden so successfully inside it. The fox looked directly at her, bowed his head low in what seemed a gesture of gratitude, and disappeared the same way he had come.

Carrie sat down on the grass and stared long and hard at the bush. Had that fox somehow thanked her? What had just happened? All she knew was that something had changed. The air around her was uncommonly still. She stood up on legs that seemed to be made of jelly, hugged Finnigan to her, and was rewarded with a lick. Then she turned and entered the house, her day of laziness forgotten.

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About the Author
Alisse Lee Goldenberg is an author of Horror and Young Adult fantasy fiction. She has her Bachelors of Education and a Fine Arts degree, and has studied fantasy and folk lore since she was a child. Alisse lives in Toronto with her husband Brian, their triplets Joseph, Phillip, and Hailey, and their rambunctious Goldendoodle Sebastian. 

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Cover Reveal: Peaceful Genocide by J.A. Reynolds










Peaceful Genocide by J.A. Reynolds 
Publication date: November 25th 2013
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Mitzi and Deuce can recall how many drops of water were on a leaf from a rainstorm five years ago and conversations from last week, month, or year. They have the ability to remember every second of everyday—since birth.

This gift has blessed Mitzi with a history of being sexually assaulted by researchers and abused by her own parents. She trusts no one. Likes no one. Deuce, however, is a high school standout. His gift has made him a superstar on the football field and his memory promises him endless opportunities.

When they both end up at an Alzheimer’s research facility under false proviso, they quickly realize this place isn’t what it seems to be. They endure crazy military-style tests, are forcefully drugged, and complete real-life simulations that haunt them.

Mitzi and Deuce have no idea what the researchers want to do with them or their memories. But one thing is clear: the researchers will go to any lengths to get what they want.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18499632-peaceful-genocide?ac=1

Blog Blitz: Giveaway! -- An Ice Princess Heart (A Shard of Ice Novella) by Alivia Anders



Title: An Ice Princess Heart ( A Shard of Ice Novella)

Author: Alivia Anders

When a string of men vanish without a trace along the coast of France, Lilix Morgan seeks to uncover the source of the mysterious deaths. Aided by four other immortal Originals, they comb the coast, only to find out the horrible dark truth; one of them is the culprit.

An Ice Princess Heart is the first book in a novella series leading up to the release of A Shard of Ice on April 14, 2014.



When 13-year-old Lilix Morgan is found alive and floating on a bed of ice at sea, everyone counts it a miracle. Kidnapped nearly four weeks earlier, she remembers nothing of her mysterious abduction. When she tries to remember what happened, she hears only a melody – a faint and delicate set of notes, strung together in a tune she doesn’t understand.


 A year later and desperate to put the lingering nightmares of her past behind her, Lilix crosses the country to enroll at Baelmorte Academy, aiming to become the violinist she once dreamt of. Things seem to be finally going well, and Lilix settles into a routine of sheet music and inspiration among new friends.

Then the dreams start.

The melody and night terrors she thought she’d left behind return with a vengeance, threatening to ruin her fragile version of normalcy. Then an unlikely ally tells her that she isn’t alone. That there are others just like her, fighting to hide their own shocking truths from coming to light. That they know who she is, and what she’s been through. Now, accompanied by four other girls, Lilix discovers her nightmares are larger than a single trauma; they’re a window to a hidden part of her soul, a place of immense power with a destiny that cannot be ignored.


 With this knowledge comes a new and frightening reality. For Lilix has been reawakened to stop an age-old enemy, one thought to have been destroyed centuries ago. Trapped by her destiny, Lilix is torn between what feels right and what she remembers. Her memories tell her of a star-crossed love waiting to be reunited, of friendships and trust broken in the past. But can she save that love when reality brings her an enemy, and an evil that will be the undoing of them all if they don’t destroy it?

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About Alivia Anders


Alivia Anders was thirteen when she fell headfirst into the world of internet fanfic and RPG-forum board sites that showed her the 'back door' into the world of writing. Four years and many hours spent glued to a computer screen later she found her true calling in writing.

Alivia currently lives with her family in her hometown of Coopersburg, PA. She frequently admits that if she wasn't so intolerant to dairy she'd live at her local ice cream shop called The Inside Scoop.

Oct 25, 2013

Early Reader Review: My Little Pony: Pony Tales Vol. 1 by Thom Zahler

My Little Pony Mane Tales Volume 1My Little Pony Mane Tales Volume 1 by Thom Zahler
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Available: November 5, 2013


Source: Netgalley and Publisher for Review
Format: EBook

My rating: 
Goodreads Synopsis:
Six spotlights focusing on everyone's favorite Ponies! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack each get a whole issue devoted to them.

Review: My Little Pony: Pony Tales Vol.1 is a set of stories told about each of the main Little Ponies from the new series. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack are all included. The book is divided up with a story for each and each story’s art is slightly different for each pony. Fluttershy’s pages are mostly pastels and soft, while Pinkie Pie’s are bolder and more in your face…much like Pinkie Pie.

The stories are cute and about various things, like friendship, believing in yourself, helping others, and working together. They were all morals shared with the show. Each of the ponies has their own identity and each is shown through their individual story. I really enjoyed reading this and giggling at the ponies. I mean, who doesn’t love these ponies?! They are hilarious and interesting.

Aside from the fact that everyone should love these characters the messages they send are respectable and important lessons and morals. I think all young children would benefit from this show, the books, and the comics in the My Little Pony line.

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Oct 24, 2013

Cover Reveal: Duality by Kellie Sheridan (The Hitchhiker Strain #2) @Kellie_Sheridan










Title: Duality (The Hitchhiker Strain, #2)
Author: Kellie Sheridan
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Release Date: December 31st, 2013
The Blurb: The end of everything came quickly, but the road back is endless and full of heartbreak.

After months of only death and loss, Veritas may be the answer everyone has been searching for—a cure. Savannah wants nothing more than to begin rebuilding, but with both the Initiative and the United Militia vying for power, there are no easy answers. Ending the threat for good could mean becoming something far worse than the monsters she is fighting against.

The infected will not go quietly. For Chelsea, the choice to step back into the world of the living is anything but simple. No miracle can erase the memories of the things she saw or the people she killed. While the girl she was struggles against the beast she became, Chelsea must make a choice—succumb or fight.

DUALITY on Goodreads
Kellie Sheridan’s Website
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Book 1: Morality by Kellie Sheridan
Cover goes to Goodreads
Mortality (The Hitchhiker Strain, #1)

Oct 23, 2013

Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway! -- Why Kimba Saved the World by Meg Dendler

About the Book
The first book in the middle grade chapter book series Cats in the Mirror. 
How can a young cat pick between everything she has ever wanted and everyone she has ever loved? Kimba lives the care-free life of a much loved house cat, but what she really wants is freedom and the wild life for which she was born. Then she learns a secret that changes everything, including her destiny. Will she join this mysterious cat conspiracy? Kimba must choose between the freedom she craves and the human family she loves.If you enjoy kid's animal books and kid's fantasy books, "Why Kimba Saved The World" is just for you. This children's ebook is followed by the sequel, "Vacation Hiro." A kid's chapter book ages 9-12 is perfect for independent reading and kid's chapter book ages 4-8 is perfect for read aloud. 

Why Kimba Saved the World is a cute, captivating, and educational story about two kittens found and given a wonderful home with a loving family. It is also an imaginative story about those same kittens being contacted by other cats and given secret missions to complete.

As I was reading this book, I was laughing and thinking about my cat, and how he too is a found stray and how many of his first places and movements were similar to Kimba and Hiro’s. I think Cooper (my cat) may too be communicating with and accomplishing his missions with the strange things he does and things he gets into…

Any ways. I found Kimba to be a strong cat character and the message behind making hard decisions was present throughout the book. I think it was relatable and adorable and any young or older reader would have a good time picking it up, especially if they are a cat lover.

1 signed Paperback Copy of Why Kimba Saved the World
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About the Author
Meg Welch Dendler is an award-winning author and a former pre-k, elementary, and middle school teacher who celebrated publishing her first book, “Why Kimba Saved The World,” on February 23, 2013. This story is based on her true-life crazy cat and the other cats in her home…and the idea that they are all really part of an alien race that wants to rule the earth. In October of 2013, “Why Kimba Saved The World” was honored with a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award as “Best First Book — Chapter Book,” Bronze Medal. The sequel, “Vacation Hiro,” is due out in November.

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