Jun 29, 2012

Recent Reads: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Kate is about to loose her best friend, her mother, who has been sick for a long time. Since the time is near, her mother decides to move them both back to the town where she grew up, Eden. Once there Kate's mother takes a turn for the worst and Kate is left feeling alone in a new place, with a new school, and new people. Then, Kate meets James, a kid that follows her everywhere and Ava, the head cheerleader; both of her new acquaintances are a little strange and eager to hang out with her. On a trip with Ava, Kate meets Henry, who says that he can help her mother live for just a bit longer, all she has to do is agree to live with him and take some tests. If she passes, she becomes immortal, if she fails... all is lost...

Review: I started this book and in a few hours was finished with it and really enjoyed this modern take on Greek mythology. Kate was a strong female lead and the other characters had very distinct personalities.
Carter gives the characters modern names in place of their Greek god and goddess names, which I found interesting and a little intriguing.

OK - on to it: Characters- awesome, storyline- awesome, mythology- a little off but it worked.

Carter's story of a young girl striving to keep her mother alive is very touching, I found that a few times I was almost in tears because of the affection Kate has for her mother. I was happy that this was finally a book where the girl goes for the 'bad' guy, in this case Hades. Yay bad boys. The way the tests were incorporated into the story were entertaining and it was great to see Kate grow throughout her journey.

Already have Goddess Interrupted ready to read soon.

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Jun 28, 2012

Still on my Mind #5

Still on my Mind is a meme created by YA-Aholic to feature a book that you read months or even YEARS ago that was so good (or so scary/unique/funny..etc) that it is 'Still on my (your) Mind!'

This week the book that is still on my mind is...


Goodreads Synopsis:

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.Written for J.R.R. Tolkien’s own children, The Hobbit met with instant critical acclaim when it was first published in 1937. Now recognized as a timeless classic, this introduction to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the wizard Gandalf, Gollum, and the spectacular world of Middle-earth recounts of the adventures of a reluctant hero, a powerful and dangerous ring, and the cruel dragon Smaug the Magnificent. The text in this 372-page paperback edition is based on that first published in Great Britain by Collins Modern Classics (1998), and includes a note on the text by Douglas A. Anderson (2001). Unforgettable!

Why this is still on my mind?

This probably shows how nerdy I am, but I love the Hobbit. It was one of the only summer reading books that I actually adored when I was younger. At that point I did not know if was a Prequel, I was just reading an awesome adventure. Biblo is adorable and there are wizards and dragons. I was amazed that such a wonderful fantasy could be on a school summer reading list. <3 this book.

What's still on your mind?!

Jun 27, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #10: Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

I am waiting on...


Finale by Becca Fizpatrick (Final book in Hush Hush Saga)

Goodreads Synopsis
Fates unfurl in the gripping conclusion to the "New York Times" bestselling Hush, Hush saga. Nora is more certain than ever that she is in love with Patch. Fallen Angel or no, he is the one for her. Her heritage and destiny may mean that they will always be enemies, but there is no turning her back on him. And yet their biggest challenge lies ahead. Can their love survive a seemingly insurmountable divide? The lines are drawn, but it's unclear which sides have been taken. And in the end, will there be enough trust left to rebuild what has been broken?

Expected Release: October 23rd, 2012

What are you waiting for?

Jun 26, 2012

Early Reader Review: Angel & Faith: Live through This by Christos Gage

Angel & Faith: Live through This (Angel & Faith, #1)Angel & Faith: Live through This by Christos N. Gage
Available: NOW! June 20th, 2012
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Background: Collects Angel & Faith issues #1–#5, the Live through This arc, and issue #6, the In Perfect Harmony one-shot. Chronicles Angel and Faith after Angel accidentally kills Giles.

Review: I loved the art on this one, but it was hard to get into the story. It was probably because I have not watched Buffy in forever and I never really liked Angel or Faith, but I figured I would give this a chance.
Like I said art was great, the characters in the Graphic novel looked like the actors who portrayed them which is always nice. The novel has lots of action and demons. Great if you enjoyed Buffy the show or the graphic novels afterward.

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Jun 25, 2012

Early Reader Review: Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielson

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My MomDear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen
Available in paperback: NOW! April 10, 2012

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Violet is going through some stuff, real complicated stuff. Her father has left her mother, and she is left to face the breakdown that occurs thereafter. Including but not limited to: spying, punching people, feeding people poop, writing George Clooney, stealing golf carts, and standing up for her broken family on all fronts.

Review: I loved reading this book! I requested it and was thrilled to get it. This was a spectacular read, Violet is a great character to follow, she is sarcastic, dramatic and entertaining. I think that this story will hit close to home for anyone with family issues and the drama that often comes with them. Susin Nielson wrote this very well. She wrote as a 12 year old and pulled it off, the confusion and angst of having to deal with too much too young, and not being able to vent properly.

This story is Violet's venting and it is funny and sassy. I loved Violet and wish I had been more like her as a kid...then again...maybe I was. On another note: I love George Clooney, I am a little obsessed, so I completely understand wanting to have him as a dad :)

Go get this book!

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Jun 24, 2012

Building the Book Pile #8


Welcome to Building the Book Pile! A Weekly meme inspired in part by In My Mailbox here at Cover2CoverBlog. Here is what I got this week...and some swag from last week because I forgot to post oops.

Ebooks for Review

Strands of Bronze and GoldDualed (Dualed, #1)Solstice: a novel of the Zombie Apocalypse
Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson, From Netgalley and Random House Children's Books
Dualed by Elsie Chapman, From Netgalley and Random House Children's Book
Solstice by Donna Burgess, From Author and Bewtiching Book Tours.

Won a signed mini-poster of the Shattered Souls cover and a signed bookmark.
I also got a signed bookmark and bookplate from The Mapmaker and the Ghost, which I can't wait to read!


From the Library 

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Peter and the Starcatchers, #3)The Magician (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #2)The Sorceress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #3)
Peter and the Secret of Rudoon by David Barry and Ridley Pearson- Been meaning to read this forever! I read the first two right after their releases, finally picked this up...although I also may have a copy in my house somewhere too...hm...
The Magician (Flamel #2) by Michael Scott- Just finished the first book in this series, a lot of people like it and I might tell my little sister to read it with me  :)
The Sorceress (Flamel #3) by Michael Scott- I expect I will finish book two quickly...

Jun 22, 2012

Blog Tour: Excerpt - Blood Jewel by Georgia Cates

PhotobucketBlood Jewel by Georgia Cates


With the mystery of Chansey Leclaire and Curry Brennan’s connection solved, they are free to explore their newfound love for one another. Or so they thought...

When Marsala uses a witch and black magic to discover Curry’s whereabouts, he and Chansey are left with no choice. The newly engaged couple is forced to relocate away from their families at the new compound in Savannah, which causes some major changes in the plans for their upcoming wedding.

Relocating to Savannah might have saved Curry and Chansey from being discovered by Marsala, but it doesn’t stop her attempts to reach Curry or her efforts to harm Chansey through the use of black magic. As Marsala closes in, Curry faces the decision he never wanted to make. Will he keep Chansey human or condemn her to eternity as the thing he hates most? 

As Curry waits for his hand to be forced, a newly turned vampire arrives at the Savannah compound in need of help. Not only is she a fledgeling in transition, she brings reports of escaping from a vampire cult still in possession of her sister, a human. Any attempt to save the captive human from a cult of vampires puts everyone in jeopardy. Can they risk entering a large cult to save one human being? And is so, how could they possibly do it successfully?

Love will grow. New mysteries will arise. A battle will ensue. A Blood Jewel will be found.

Blood Jewel Excerpt-
Many exciting changes had occurred over the past couple of days. Although Chansey accepted my marriage proposal, she still didn’t know a lot about the world of vampires and there was much she needed to learn. “Do you think you would feel comfortable joining the others for dinner tonight? If you are going to live in a house of vampires you will need to become accustomed to the sight of blood drinking.”
She swallowed hard. “Where do they get the blood?”
“There is a community of humans called Black Swans that know about us and support our cause. Some of the Black Swans choose to become Blood Swans, which means they freely give of their blood supply for our sustenance.”
She looked thoughtful and asked, “Do you bite the Blood Swans?”
“I’m sure there are Blood Swans that would like to be bitten, but we do not drink directly from them. There are humans that allow themselves to be bitten, but we discourage it because it is too easy to lose control. There are groups of humans called Seekers that desire the company of vampires and wish to be turned. Seekers willingly allow vampires to bite them as a way of being introduced into the community. Then, there are also Blood Dolls. They enjoy and are addicted to the act of being bitten because of the umm...ecstasy they receive from it. They refer to the pleasure of the bite as The Kiss.”
“Have you ever bitten a Blood Doll?”
My answer was not going to please her. “We have all had a Blood Doll at some point in our existence, but it was a very long time ago.”
The angry versus jealous expression on her face told me she didn’t appreciate my honest answer. “How many have you had?”
I looked to the ground for help, but found none. “Only one.”
“What was her name?”she asked, jealously.
“Her name was Luciana and our relationship meant nothing. It can’t really even be considered a relationship. I drank from her. There was nothing romantic between us because it isn’t like that for vampires. The only thing we feel romantic about is the blood we crave. And our Agápes,” I explained.
Her hands went to her hips. Uh oh. Not a great sign for me. “Did your relationship with her last a long time?”
I was probably about to shoot myself in the foot or cause her to shoot me. “Depends on what you consider a long time.”
She was becoming aggravated with my vague answers and slightly raised her voice as she interrogated further. “Please, answer the question that you are avoiding. How long was Luciana your Blood Doll?”
“A little more than two years,” I admitted. Although two years was nothing for a vampire, it was rather significant in the life of a human and I knew by the look on her face that my answer didn’t sit well with her.
She became silenced by my unintentional hurtful admission. Now, she looked at the ground in search of the right words. The silence surrounding us emphasized the beat of her rapid heart before she finally continued, “What ended your relationship with Luciana?”
“She thought she loved me. I failed to convince her that it was the result of The Kiss she loved, so I ended all contact with her.”
Chansey took a deep breath. “What happened to her?” she asked.
“She found another vampire to feed on her and he eventually turned her.”
This hole I was digging was getting deeper with each question I answered. Chansey took the stance I had unfortunately become quite familiar with when she shifted her weight over to one leg. “Incredible! There’s a second vampire out there somewhere that’s convinced she’s in love with you? You are quite the lady’s man, aren’t you?”
“Luciana is a vampire, but she is not in love with me. She’s a vampire in love with the blood she drinks,” I clarified.
“Vampires have romantic relationships with other vampires, so how do you know she isn’t still in love with you?”
“She just isn’t,” I argued.
I reached for her arm and she stepped out of my reach. “But, how do you know, Curry?” she insisted.
“I’ve seen her since she was turned and she isn’t interested. Nor am I. I was never interested in her for any reason other than using her for blood when she was human.”
I cheated and used my vampire speed to catch her before she could pull away from me again. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head as I pleaded, “You are the only one I have ever loved in my human life or in my years as a vampire. The only one. Ever.”
She finally returned my embrace and said, “I’m sorry. I know I must look like a jealous fool.”
I certainly couldn't fault her for feelings she couldn’t control. “I understand because I have experienced some jealousy issues when it comes to your admirers.”
“I don’t have admirers,” she argued.
“It certainly looks like it to me, but why don’t we just call all of it water under the bridge?” I suggested.
“I think I can agree to that and my answer is ‘yes’ to your earlier question. I would love to join you and your family for dinner tonight. Make mine AB negative,” she laughed.
“My, Miss Leclaire. You have a choosy palate. AB negative is the sweetest and most difficult to come by.”
“It’s good to know I’m sweet and in high demand,” she said as she walked her fingers up my chest.
“Your blood type is AB negative?”
“All day and all night long,” she laughed.
I wouldn’t have guessed that from when I tasted her, but I only had a few drops. Maybe it was the Agápe bond throwing it off or maybe I just didn’t have enough to be able to tell. “Chansey, don’t tell anyone that. Always keep that to yourself.

PhotobucketAbout the Author:

I reside in rural Mississippi with my wonderful husband, Jeff, and our two beautiful daughters.
I spent thirteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an author.
Blood of Anteros, Book One in The Vampire Agápe Series, was my first novel and it was released in September 2011.
I decided to step away from the paranormal genre to try my hand at a young adult romance and I loved it. It was so much fun, I plan to do it again in the near future.  

Find the Author!


Jun 20, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #9: Dark Companion

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

I am Waiting on:


Dark Companion by

Goodreads Synopsis:
When foster teen Jane Williams is invited to attend elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls and escape her violent urban neighborhood, she thinks the offer is too good to be true. She's even offered her own living quarters, the groundskeeper's cottage in the center of the birch grove.

Something's not quite right about the school -- or is it Jane? She thinks she sees things in the birch grove at night. She's also beginning to suspect that the elegant headmistress and her sons are hiding secrets. Lucky is the gorgeous, golden son who is especially attentive to Jane, and Jack is the sardonic puzzling brother.

The school with its talented teachers and bright students is a dream for a science and math geek like Jane. She also loves her new friends, including hilarious poetry-spouting rich girl, Mary Violet. But the longer Jane stays at Birch Grove, the more questions she has about the disappearance of another scholarship girl and a missing faculty member.

Jane discovers one secret about Birch Grove, which only leads to more mysteries. What is she willing to sacrifice in order to stay at this school...and be bound to Birch Grove forever?


Expected Release: July 3rd, 2012

What are you waiting on?

Jun 19, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten on the Summer TBR List...
In no particular order, these are the books I would like to read over the summer. Many have been on my TBR pile for a long time and a few are coming out later this year and I have ARCs to read that I am excited about.
Meant to BeLies Beneath (Lies Beneath #1)Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception (Books of Faerie, #1)Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)
Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)Behind the BookcaseThe Calling (Darkness Rising, #2)Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Peter and the Starcatchers, #3)

Recent Reads: Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

Hemlock (Hemlock, #1)Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Mac is a teenage girl dealing with the loss of her best friend Amy. Amy was brutally murdered by a werewolf, however that is not uncommon. Werewolves permeate society and LS or Lupine Syndrome is occurring all over as the government tries to figure out how to handle the LS infected persons. Mac's best friend Jason has been acting strange since Amy's death and it has become her goal to find out what really happened to her friend.

Review: Couldn't put it down! I really loved this book. I started reading and only go about 10 pages in and was a little unmoved by it at first. Seemed like the same teenage angst and whining...only it got so much better! I jumped from page 10 to 71 and then on and on...even when I thought the plot was going one way, the predictable way, it surprised me and took another direction.

Mac is a strong girl, her parents aren't in the picture and she is being raised by Tess who is fairly close to her age. I loved the werewolves in this book. I thought it was great to have them be known about and have LS be a disease contracted, rather than a supernatural ailment that only affects some.

The author did so good. Mac's sarcasm is wonderful and the story line is great. But I cannot say much because a lot of twists occur and I don't want to ruin them for anyone...just go read it!

Recommended for supernatural lovers, those who like some teen angst and a strong female role. Go get it now!

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Jun 18, 2012

Early Reader Review: The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler

The Shapeshifter's SecretThe Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler
Available: NOW! June 12, 2012
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Imprint: Sweetwater

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Julia is a teenage girl who lives in New York with her single, over-protective father. One day strange things begin to happen to her, she cannot control her anger, and her father becomes more over-protective than ever before. She learns that she is not actually from New York but from another place entirely, and the humans do not know it exists. She is pulled from her home into a new reality where she learns that her mother wants her dead, and she can change into a werecat of the most prestigious kind.

Review: I really enjoyed reading this book. I think that Ostler did a great job writing it. I loved the characters and their stories, and the world she created for them. Now that being said, I also felt like I had already read a very similar much loved story.

Julia, is a YA version of Harry Potter... Before people freak out, let me explain... Prestigious girl finds herself in a new world learning she is a werecat, there is someone out to get her and kill her, and she is stubborn and does stupid things which make it seem like she is helping, only to get her into more trouble. Also, she is going to school in a castle. Ostler's characters are intriguing; Julia is entertaining, and Sierra and Gabe, her best friends, are constantly arguing over small things. These connections were so similar in my head while reading that I could not let them go.

Granted, I really liked the story, I also really LOVED Harry Potter, so I am not sure how much of that love was transferred because of the similarities. Very good, fast read.

Recommended for those who need a YA version of Harry Potter, Like shape-shifting, or need some teen drama in their lives.

Received from Netgalley and Cedar Fort for review.

Jun 14, 2012

Early Reader Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate

Rapture (Fallen, #4)Rapture by Lauren Kate
Available: NOW! June 12, 2012
Publisher: Random House Children's

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Luce, Daniel, and the others are fighting the clock to prepare for their fight against Lucifer. It is only a matter of time before history is rewritten by Lucifer in hopes of making himself more powerful. All the while, Luce continues to uncover her past with the help of her friends.

Review: Um....wow... I actually was surprised by how this story concluded, which takes a lot. I cannot really say too much because I do not want to give anything about the story away, but let me tell you, there are twists! Lots of them! And they are super good. Lucinda come into her own very well in this book and the story FINALLY comes together and makes sense.
It did however take me a while to get into this one though. I was a little disappointed when book three ended, because I thought it was a trilogy and then it turned out there was going to be another book. When I began reading Rapture, I really wasn't into it. There seemed to be a lag for me, once I hit about the half way point, I flew through it and couldn't put it down.
If you recently read the other three and knew there was going to be a fourth book, I think that this will read very well for you. It picks up right where 3 leaves off, and immediately thrusts the reading into the drama and mission. Rapture is enchanting, astounding, and beautiful in its ending to this series.

Received from Netgalley and Random House Children's Books for Review

Jun 13, 2012

Recent Reads: Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz

Lost in Time (Blue Bloods, #6)Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: The quest continues for Schuyler and Jack to find the gates, Mimi and Oliver are going to hell to retrieve Kingsley and in this book we get more background on Allegra and Charles' relationship.

Review: I enjoyed this book in the series and am interested to see the end...which better come soon :/...waiting sucks. I liked Mimi a lot more in this book than the others, she is becoming a better person and I really like that. I loved that this book FINALLY let us see into what happened between Charles and Allegra, and that it isn't as cut and dry as most of the Blue Bloods believe. I did not like that Schuyler is becoming all emotional and maybe even a little clingy with Jack. She was such a strong character, that I really liked in the beginning, and now her strength has been transferred over to Mimi it seems, Schuyler is just a love-sick puppy right now. Good book in the series, great ending...

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Jun 12, 2012

Recent Reads: Blink by Lloyd Poast

BlinkBlink by Lloyd Poast

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Lance is a teenage boy, who miraculously gets pulled into an enchanted forest. His one goal is to figure out what is going on and get back home.

Review: Wow! This is a very short story but it packs a punch. Poast is a master of imaginative worlds, the forest in Blink is amazing and his conjuring of it is spectacular. Lance is a likeable character, even though there is not much known about him, and there are other interesting manifestations along his journey as well. I think that this would make a wonderful longer adventure, but as it stands, it is short, captivating and left me wanting more of this creative story.

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Jun 10, 2012

Building the Book Pile #7


Welcome to Building the Book Pile! A Weekly meme inspired in part by In My Mailbox here at Cover2CoverBlog. Here is what I got this week...

Earthquake EscapeAngel & Faith: Live through This (Angel & Faith, #1)
Earthquake Escape by Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler, Diane Le Feyer, Sam Kennedy, From Netgalley and Capstone Young Readers
Angel and Faith: Live Through This #1 by Christos N. Gage, Rebekah Isaacs (Illustrator), Phil Noto (Illustrator), From Netgalley and Dark Horse Comics
Yay Pandas!

Books for Review
Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom
Dear George Clooney: Please Marry my Mom byTundra
This looks super cute!

That is all for this week, but I have a huge pile so ...on to reading!

Jun 9, 2012

Early Reader Review: Earthquake Escape by Jan Burchett

Earthquake Escape by Jan Burchett
Available: August 1, 2012
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers - Stone Arch Books

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Ben and Zoe work for a secret team, their mission today is to go in search of a panda cub named Jing-Jing, who escaped from a sanctuary after an earthquake.

Review: This was a great little read. I requested it from Netgalley because of the panda. I love pandas! They are so adorable, and I am so glad that I got to read this. I really enjoyed the story it was full of action and adventure. There were some facts about pandas and the Chinese landscape too. The book even includes a glossary for readers, more panda facts at the end, and even discussion questions. Very cute read, it is recommended for ages 8-11 and is part of the Wild Rescue series.

E-Copy provided by Netgalley and Capstone Young Readers for Review.

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Jun 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: Day Five Discussion -- Ask the Experts

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

aBEA discussion today: Ask the Experts

So today is the last day of aBEA, and I am very sad to see it go. I have made some great new blogging friends and really appreciate all of the people that have visited my blog this week.

Today I am supposed to ask the blogger veterans questions, so here they are:

  1. What makes you follow a blog? What keeps you coming back?
  2. What types of giveaways do you like to see and enter?
  3. What are your favorite things to see on a blog?
  4. Any suggestions or tips for my blog are welcome!
Feel free to link me back to your tips or questions 

 I want to thank everyone again for popping over to my blog, I hope we continue to chat :)

<3 Steph aka Gorelenore

Jun 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Day Four Discussion -- Beyond the Blog

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

aBEA Discussion Today: Beyond your Blog

Today the discussion is about "opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise?" To read other people answers chick here.

As I expressed yesterday, I have only been blogging for a few months so I really haven't had many opportunities to go 'beyond' it.  I do get free copies of books, which is wonderful in and of itself but I am working to do other things...very slowly though.

I currently am a part of Amazon Affiliates, but that only makes money if people click and buy through there...so I don't really make money from it. I added it to see how it might work. I though about starting Google Adsense, but honestly it scares me a little. While I think advertising is great, I also want to be able to have a little more control about the ads, I also don't think I get enough traffic for them yet.

As for writing reviews elsewhere, I have not been asked, but I also have a lot on my plate as it is. I work two jobs and blog and with that blogging is a lot of reading :).

I think that as my blog grows I will become more open to new things. So until then, I am just taking it slow, hopefully connections will be made.

Hope everyone is having a great time with aBEA, sad to see it ending soon. Thanks to everyone for great posts, conversations, and love.

<3 Steph aka Gorelenore

Jun 6, 2012

Recent Reads: Fated by Alyson Noel

Fated (Soul Seekers, #1)Fated by Alyson Noel
Copy provided by: MacMillian Audio for review

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Background: Daire just turned sixteen and strange things are happening to her. While away on site at her mothers work, she has a terrible breakdown and attacks a boy star. After that it was grandmas or an institution for her insanity, her mother opted for the mysterious grandmother. Once there Daire finds herself learning more about the visions she thought were crazy and coming to understand a long fought battle between good and evil.

Review: I am so happy to have listened to this book! First off, I love the cover a beautiful purple/pink fade, crows and a profile. I like when books really use color on their covers. Ok on to the book itself- I really enjoyed this read. Alyson Noel is a wonderful author. I have read a few of the Immortals series, but this one seems to be for an older audience (not much older though). It is deeper and more questioning than her Immortals series.

Likes: I enjoyed Daire most of the time. In the beginning, she is super moody and emotional and only thinking about herself, later this changes as she learns. I love when people learn things and then adapt. Yay her! I also enjoyed the grandmother; she is very no-nonsense straight to the point. I really liked the story telling, Noel does a great job of leaving enough suspense and questions to pull the reader forward. The story is captivating and the world she creates is realistic yet magical. I just couldn’t stop listening. She is able to add characters to the story seamlessly, leaving some mysterious and others very clear upon their arrival. Love it. I am interested in seeing where this series goes.

Dislikes: I thought it was weird to begin the book with a lesson on the animals and their attributes, I think it might have been better received in context, maybe the grandmother explaining more, like later in the story…but this may just be me. By the time they were brought up again, I had forgotten a lot of what was said because it was not in the context of the story, just a history lesson. I also thought it weird that Daire calls her mother by her first name, this gets explained away in the book, but I still found it odd, she never even refers to her as ‘my mother,’ just “Jennika”—odd. You would think there would be a stronger relationship because they are closer in age to one another.

Overall, very good read. If you like books about Native American mythology, the supernatural, or just a destined love story.

Liked this review? Want a copy for yourself? Enter for one HERE!

ArmchairBEA -- Day Three Discussion: Networking...In Real Life

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

 For aBEA discussion today: Networking...In Real Life

So, today's task is to talk about networking and the blogging community. The prompt was "we want you to share your positive experiences of using your blog to get involved in your community.  This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, attending author events and signings, or getting together with bloggers in your area.  We want to hear it all!"

Since I have only been blogging since February, I really don't have a lot to share today.  I have been to a few book signings and events A LONG time ago when I worked at a bookstore, and they were great. I met a lot of interesting authors, but a lot were academic writers because it was a college bookstore.

Blogging now, has become my creative outlet. I used to do photography, charcoal drawings, and art in general..but kind of fell out of it, so I took up blogging.  I am starting to become better friends with the blogging community via Twitter and RandomBuzzers online. Even my Goodreads friend list has grown. 

I love the people that share my passion for reading, they are interesting and strange (in a good way) just like me :D

<3 to all you awesome bloggers!
-Steph aka Gorelenore

Jun 5, 2012

Armchair BEA -- Day Two Discussion: Best of 2012

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

For aBEA discussion today: Faves of 2012 

Here are mine...

Read this year and Loved!

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1) The Hunt (The Hunt, #1) Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) 

ReunitedSplinteredCarnival of Souls
Reunited, June 12,2012
Splintered, January 2013?
Carnival of Souls, September 4, 2012

Out Already and Can't Wait to Read Soon

Scarlet Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1) The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1) Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)