Jun 25, 2015

Crazy for Summer Readathon Day 5

I am on Vacation this week and was planning to read anyway and then I found this amazing Readathon! It runs from June 21st to June 27th and is hosted by Tessa and Max @ Crazy for YA. (Click that link to sign up!)

This week I plan to read ALL the things (or a least a big chunk of them) and participate in the Daily Challenges and Posts.

DAY 5 Challenge: Guess Who?
Same as the kids game, I will give you clues you have to guess the book character - feel free to do so in the comments. Answers will be added on Day 6 to the post. I have included some semi-hidden clues if you need help so highlight to the end of the clue set if you need it.

1. I live in a fantasy world, I come from a series, and am joined by two brothers and two sisters, I am an animal: Who am I? 
A: Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia - join by 2 sisters and 2 brothers in Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.

2. I am female and a wizard know-it-all, I am friends with the one who survived: Who am I?
A: Hermione

3. I am a little girl with horrible parents, a scary school, a teacher who supports me and I LOVE books, I am from a Dahl book: Who am I?
A: Matilda

4. I am a vampire boyfriend in a popular series, I am overly brooding, I happen to sparkle: Who am I?
A: Edward Cullen

5. I am tiny and have big feet, I am an uncle, I live in the Shire: Who am I?
A: Bilbo Baggins, from the Hobbit

DAY 5 Progress:
# of books finished:3
# of pages read: 416

Overall Progress:
# of books finished: 7 + comic
# of pages read: 1060

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