Dec 15, 2017

Recent Reads: The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter

The Lighthouse SantaThe Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter
Publisher: Flying Dog
Publication Date:  September 13,2011

Format:  Hardback
Source: Free from a Work Wellness Event



Goodreads Synopsis: 
For Kate, life at the Great Point Lighthouse on Nantucket Island can be exciting, full of stormy seas and even shipwrecks. But it can also be lonely, with only her mother, father, and brother Sam to keep her company. Now it's Christmas Eve, and Kate waits in her lighthouse as a blizzard threatens to ruin this most special day. For as long as she can remember, the Lighthouse Santa has dropped presents from his airplane for all the lighthouse keepers' children. But will his plane make it through hurricane winds and blinding snow? Sam says it is impossible, but Kate has been keeping a secret Christmas wish all year long, and she will not give up hope.
Based on the Christmas flights of Edward Rowe Snow, hero to lighthouse children for almost fifty years, The Lighthouse Santa has all the elements of a true Christmas classic: light, love, wonder, and the power of one child's faith to shine through darkness. From the midst of the howling storm to her own soaring flight with the Lighthouse Santa, Kate must cling to her father's promise that -Nothing is impossible on Christmas Eve in a lighthouse.-
In their first collaboration since the success of their award-winning picture book The Unbreakable Code, author Sara Hoagland Hunter and illustrator Julia Miner once again shed light on a little-known episode of history.
Free books for the win and I obviously couldn't turn down a holiday book. The Lighthouse Santa is about a family that operates a lighthouse and Santa comes every year to deliver their Christmas gifts by plane. This year there is a nasty storm and the little girl is concerned that the Santa won't make it. The story is very fun and it is even cooler knowing that it is based on something that actually used to happen.

The illustrations are beautiful pastel-esq drawings that embrace the weather and the theme really well. I enjoyed it very much but don't want to give away too much plot. I recommend a read to all who love the holidays though.

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