Oct 5, 2015

Blog Tour: Reviews - Last-But-Not-Least Lola #2 and #3 by Christine Pakkala

Disclaimer: Received from Boyds Mills Press in exchange for an honest review for the blog tour. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild ChickenLast-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken by Christine Pakkala
Series: Lola #2
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
Publication Date:  September 1, 2014


Format: Paperback



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Lola’s back! She patched things up with frenemy Amanda Anderson, but it’s not happily ever after for these two best friends, at least not yet. Lola doesn’t want to share Amanda, especially not with Jessie, who seems to be around . . . all the time. Can there be more than two best friends? And what does a wild chicken have to do with anything? Hint: The answer involves a class trip to a farm. When Lola is around, you never know what will happen next. This second book in Christine Pakkala's dynamic series is sure to capture the hearts of readers who love a spunky heroine and some unexpected antics.
Lola and the Wild Chicken follows Lola a 2nd grader as she comes to terms with her parents being away for a week and someone trying to steal her best friend. Lola is a stubborn girl who often takes action before really thinking things through and this book shows just that - Lola's bad week, too many actions and no enough thinking. 

I like Lola and the plots of these books - they don't show kids getting away with things but they do show a girl who is easily jealous and leaning how she should be handling her problems more effectively. 

This is the second book in the Lola series, but you do have to have read book 1 in order to follow along which was good - you could pretty much grab a book and start reading. In this installment Lola's parents are away on business, grandma is watching her and her brother, and her class is gearing up for a trip to a farm. So many things go wrong in this week for Lola, but she is able to pull everything back together and slowly make things right.

I love the problem solving in these books and Lola learning what is right and wrong, I think the plots are funny enough to engage young readers and the lessons are great ones.

Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Cupcake QueensLast-But-Not-Least Lola and the Cupcake Queens by Christine Pakkala
Series: Lola #3
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
Publication Date: October 6, 2015


Format: Hardback



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Lola’s mom is home but not home, because she’s frantically working all the time. Lola’s friends are here but not here as allegiances among the foursome change faster than you can forget your lines for a school play. Lola means well but can’t help acting on her emotions and getting into trouble. She’ll need to dig for bravery as she deals with a possible ghost next door, stage fright, and, hardest of all, making amends with her friends. Lola is braver than she thinks and her friendships are stronger than she realizes in this funny, heartwarming tale. 
Lola is still learning, as many 2nd graders often do. She is learning how to be a good friend, how to share, and how to not lie. In this, the 3rd book of Lola, we follow her and her friends as they prepare for Halloween and a class performance. 

What perfect timing for this book since it is coming up on Halloween and I think this plot will help kids realize some important lessons. In this case: you can't lie to your friends, you shouldn't keep secrets, and you shouldn't make your friends feel bad. I think this last one is important around Halloween, since not everyone has the income to buy fancy costumes. I really enjoyed this book in the Lola series. It didn't seem like too many things happened but it was entertaining and enjoyable and I love books about Halloween :)

These books really do have great lessons for young readers and I do recommend them. They not only express the problems but Lola must solve them on her own and I think more kids need that- problem solving is important.

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