Jul 21, 2021

Blog Tour: Review - Love You Bad by Lousie Mullins

Love you Bad by Louise Mullins

Publisher: Dark Edge Press
Publication Date:  July 18, 2021

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About the Book
Kerensa lives a life of privilege few could imagine. Loving husband. Luxury home. Financial security. 

But in the attic of their sea view mansion is a secret waiting to be discovered, threatening to destroy their perfect marriage.

When their daughter’s au pair uncovers Dominic’s carefully constructed illusion, one lie at a time, it ends in murder.

But whose?


Love You Bad is a whirlwind suspense following two particularly unlikable characters. Written in not only two timelines, but also in dual point of view, this murder mystery is anything but boring. 

We follow Keresna and Dominic, a wealthy 'older' woman and a younger down on his luck man as they meet and the story unfolds. It is told in a back and forth of both time and person which tends to be a little disorienting at first but adds to the psychological warp that lends to the plot and theme. The story begins very in your face - there is a murder, then sex scene, and then right into secrets, deceit, mental issues and more. There is alcoholism, murder, drug use as well so it is a lot to take in. This is not a pretty love story, it is messed up in so many ways from the very beginning. The relationship is unhealthy and obviously there is a lot of anxiety and stress (thus the thriller part). 

Although hard to follow at times, the book was a quick and thrilling read. I would have liked a bit more character development in the beginning but it is possible that not knowing a lot about them made it easier to dislike them both and made the mystery more intense... The ending was weird and full of twists that I was not expecting, they were a bit off the wall. It was an exciting and entertaining read that will keep you questioning and unsure if what you are reading is real or in their heads.

About the Author
Louise Mullins writes full-time using the experience she gained in a prior life 
working in the field of forensic mental health, working with offenders and survivors of serious crimes.
To keep up to date with her latest releases, visit her website: www.louisemullinsauthor.com. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as: @mullinsauthor. 

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