Sep 9, 2014

Recent Reads: Booger Bob by Paul Kramer

Booger Bob
Booger Bob by Paul Kramer
Publisher: Aloha Publishers
Publication Date:  October 16, 2010


Format: ebook
Source:From the Author in exchange for an honest review. This in no effects my review or opinion of the book.



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Bob the Booger - A story that is an extremely funny representation of what people do with what comes out of their noses and how they dispose of it. Although the subject matter could be considered gross by many, there is a lesson to be learned after the laughter stops.
Just to start out, Paul Kramer has a lot of books that discuss important topics with kids in a lighthearted manner. Titles include "Divorce Stinks!" "Bullies Beware" and "Maggie Eats Healthier". I was able to choose one of his books and decided upon "Booger Bob" based on the cover image, looks interesting, right?

"Booger Bob" is a short, rhyming book about personal hygiene - in this case picking your nose. It is geared toward youth readers, as it is supposed to teach them that picking your nose in public is gross. I think that this book would be funny for kids to read. Thinking about how my little brothers would react to it, I can almost guarantee that they would be cracking up with laughter and trying to pick their noses in front of whomever was reading the book to them - so I am not sure if the book would have the desired affect on them (or most your boys ...but it may).

While I found the book to be witty and an interesting way to bring up nose-picking to kids; I found it to be almost too joking about the topic and in the end the overall take is to pick ones nose in private where no one can see you ... I am not sure that is something that I want my brothers to do either - if a tissue is readily available and it will do the trick, why would you pick your nose... just sayin'

More of Paul Kramer's books can be found at Aloha Publishers.
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