Jan 28, 2016

Recent Reads: Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot

Princess in Pink (The Princess Diaries, #5)Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries #5
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Publication Date:  April, 2004


Format:  Hardback
Source: Library



Goodreads Synopsis: 
In a series of humorous diary entries, high school freshman (and Genovian Princess) Mia records her efforts to get her reluctant boyfriend to take her to the prom.
I feel like all of the reviews for these books are starting to sound the same but again I really enjoyed this one. I still love that these are in the diary format, they are so easy to read and I love hearing the inner turmoil of Mia's thought process.

Mia is still her sarcastic, panic-ridden self and this time it is about the prom. Michael hasn't asked her yet and it is coming up very soon. To make matters worse, her grandmother continues to 'ruin' her life but being a very entitled woman and not understanding how a teenager's life works.

The messes that Mia's grandmother makes are hilarious and so over the top I love them. I think that the movie did us a great displeasure by making the grandmother likable. Had they kept to the books, I think it would have been far more funny to witness Mia get so flustered about her as she learns to be a princess.

These books fall one after the other and pick up where the last one ended so they are really just a continuation of Mia's diaries and so you don't miss a minute of her new life as both a teen and a princess with duties.  I hope to grab the next one soon.

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