Jan 27, 2016

Recent Reads: Harley Quinn #24 by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Harley Quinn (2013-) #24
Harley Quinn: You Can't Fight the City... or Can You?
Series: Harley Quinn #24
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date:  January 20, 2016


Format: Comic
Source: Bought/ Own



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Harley’s got an endangered friend to save, but there’s just one problem: she’s got to get through Arkham Asylum first! Unsurprisingly, Harley’s not eager to set foot in the site of some of her darkest hours…and she definitely isn’t ready to face a certain someone who’s laughing at the end of a dark hallway…

Someone is messing with one of Harley's friends and it may mean his death. Harley thinks that the city might be behind it and in this issue she is determined to find out who and why... and how to get him out of Arkham. In this issues we don't get into Arkham but it is a great lead up... however VERY violent. Harley is hunted down by a gang of men, one that looks hilariously like Hulk Hogan. Harley is her normal energetic self, loyal to the end but this one does give a wonderful twist ending that might send her off the deep end in the next issues.

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