Nov 14, 2016

Recent Reads: Monstress #7 by Marjorie Liu

Monstress #7 by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
Monstress #7Series: Monstress #7
Publisher:  Image Comics
Publication Date:  September 7, 2016

Format: Paperback
Source: Bought



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Eisner-nominated MONSTRESS is back! Maika, Kippa, and Ren journey to Thyria in search of answers to her past? and discover a new, terrible, threat.

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Mini Review: 
Maika is still on the run and in this issue returning to her roots to try to get away from those chasing her. I liked this issue because you get some backstory again - not of the war but about Maika's background and mother, but it was also still a bit confusing, like some info was being left out. There was no mention of the cliffhanger ending from the last installment but this issue did a good job recapping at the very first page and then leading us deeper into Maika's story. 

I am excited to see where Maika, Kippa, and Ren end up... and am interested in how the story line will keep moving. It feels like everyone in the world is after Maika, but then more parts of the world also keep turning up. I am really enjoying it.

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