Nov 4, 2016

Discussion: Read-a-thons!

Today is a Discussion Day here at Cover2CoverBlog. I am trying to start these a little more since they seem fun :) I hope you enjoy and if you have any topic suggestions let me know in the comments.

Today's Topic
A How-To

Happy reading, happy blogging (happy writing) everyone!

Let's talk about Read-a-thons!

So most of my readers probably know what a readathon is and that bloggers participate in them all the time. I used to do a lot more of them than I do currently because of the timing, but there are a bunch throughout the year hosted by all different bloggers with all different genres and reasons behind them. So if you are interested in learning about how-to and some events keep reading...

How I Read-a-thon...Step 1:
Sign up for a Readathon (RAT) 😜 

Step 2: 
The first thing I do after I sign up for a RAT is make a list of the books that I want to or have to read, then another list of what I think of as my 'back-up' TBR. 

The first list is made up of approximately 4-7 books, depending on the length of the RAT and the length of the books. For example, a four day RAT for me is normally about 4 books that are around 300 pages each. 

The back-up pile is used for: if I am not feeling any of the books on my original list or if I actually finish my first one (that doesn't happen too often).

Step 3:
Once my lists are ready (or piles if they are physical copies) I prepare a post to start the RAT - normally the host site have a link up for that and then a re-cap post at the end. I, personally, find it easiest to combine them. I just edit the post with updates about my progress and books I have finished.

(Optional Step)
I am a strange person... With a lot of available vacation and personal time... So I often take some vacation days around RATs if they aren't falling on weekends. That isn't an option for everyone, I know that, so do what works for you. There are a lot of readers that just read when they can. Some examples: in their spare time/ during lunch/after work/ before work/ opt to take the bus to work and read on the trip/ after kids are asleep.

Step 4:

...the RAT starts...come up with a plan of action...
[Normally at a specified time - like midnight EST or midnight 'your time' and it depends on your time zone]

More often than not, I do not start a RAT at midnight.... I go to bed and wake up whenever and then start. My set up includes a cup of coffee or tea, a snack, a nice blanket, some PJs, my couch (normally with my cat and dog piled on too) and obviously my books. 

Then I just read until I can't concentrate anymore. And that is the thing about RATs - you don't NEED to be reading the entire time - yes, that is awesome if you are a rockstar like that, but alas I am not. I often get up and do some housework or watch a tv show while having lunch/ dinner. Or run some errands when I feel the urge to.

A RAT is really for you...

Step 5:
Wrap it up 
Don't feel bad if you have not read all the books you wanted to, you at least got some reading done (and who knows, maybe you did read all the books on your list.
When the RAT ends, like I mentioned, there is normally another link-up for your re-cap/ wrap up post. So take a moment to figure out what you did accomplish and share it with the world.

Need a place to start? ...
Since it is the end of the year may bloggers and readers are trying to get to their reading goals or read books about the holidays, so a number of readathons pop up during this time to help with that achievement but there are also a few that coincide with the holidays as well since more people are out of work and school.
To keep in the know make sure to follow the blogs that host, that way you don't miss it when I sign up pops up.  In a future discussion I will have a blog calendar of sorts wiht some of the events that I like to participate in. 

Here is one... 
Coming up soon is the HO HO HO Read-a-thon hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer From Nov. 9 - 15
To keep in the know make sure to follow the blogs that host, that way you don't miss it when I sign up pops up. For more info, follow the blog and in September the sign-up goes live. This one is themed to Holiday books- you should be reading books relating to the holidays :) I love this one it gets me into the holiday spirit and it allows me to read and review the books that are coming out in Nov. and Dec.

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