Mar 30, 2015

Early Reader Review: Gronk Volume 2 by Katie Cook

Gronk: A monsters Story by Katie Cook
Series: Gronk Volume 2
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment, Diamond Book Distributors
Publication Date:  March 31, 2015


Format: ebook
Source: From Netgalley and
Diamond Book Distributors in exchange for an honest review. This in now way effects my review or opinion of the book.


Goodreads Synopsis: 
In this second volume of Katie Cook's popular series Gronk, Gronk is learning to adjust to OUR world through the teachings of Dale, a woman who probably shouldn't be teaching anyone how to adjust to the real world.

Join Gronk, Dale, Harli, and Kitty for another year of fun!

These graphic novels are adorable. Each page is a short and snippets from Gronk and Dale's lives. They are hilarious and fun. In this volume Gronk has been living with Dale and is more human-like than in Volume 1. The overall nerdy theme in these comics are a lot of fun and I like being able to spot them - some are plot related in the comic others are a logo here or there. I really enjoy these. I found myself laughing out loud as Gronk is coloring on walls or ordering everything off of Amazon - and what I think is even better is that this is stuff that a kid would do (sometimes accidentally). Since it is relateable I think it makes the comic/ graphic even better.



  1. This is such a fun series. Thanks for sharing, Steph!

  2. Thanks! ...And as always thank you for reading about it :)