Mar 25, 2015

Bloggiesta 2015: Best Blogging Advice

Bloggiesta Button 2

This week is Bloggiesta and the wonderful moderators have asked us to write up our Best Blogging Advice.

So here is my advice...hopefully it will be helpful.

1. Blog what you love: 
I happen to love reading and I needed a hobby and so Cover2CoverBlog happened. If you aren't passionate about what you are blogging about it gets hard - there is a lot more work here than you imagine  (trust me, I had NO IDEA what I was getting into).

2. Keep it fun!: 
There are so many bloggers that get overwhelmed about their blogging life - I figure, I am doing this as a hobby, for FUN :) so I can stop whenever. Do I feel bad when I slack on the posting? Yes, but it is still something fun for me and I do it for me... so keep it light and fun and blog when you can .... which brings me to ->

3. Don't stress it, blog when you are able: 
Yes, that means that sometimes you will have the same post sitting on your blog for a week, but you need you time too - so take it! 

4. Make it your own: 
You are blogging because you love something right? Well make it yours. Be yourself and do what feels good to you. You want pictures of kittens all over the place, go with it :P

Just Have Fun! 


  1. Very wise. I like all of these thoughts. Thanks for sharing them.
    Good luck with Bloggiesta!