Mar 10, 2015

Recent Reads: A Promised Fate by Cat Mann

A Promised Fate (A Beautiful Fate, # 3)A Promised Fate by Cat Mann
Series: A Beautiful Fate #3
Publication Date:  December 30, 2014


Format: ebook
Source:  From the Author in Exchange for an honest review. This in no way effects my opinion or review of the book.



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Devotion, passion and promises are no longer enough. Everything Ari has built his universe around threatens to come to a tragic end. Ava's seven Kakos foes have been vanquished, but a new and even deadlier terror threatens the Alexander home. As Ari struggles with his role as a deity, he is forced to reveal to Ava his true lineage and what his identity means for their future together. The Zilotis, an occult group of surviving Kakos extremists, rise up to set themselves against the Fates...and no one is safe, no one can be trusted. Ari’s fears control him. Trust crumbles and promises lose all meaning as Ari comes to grips with his past and the vows made in the past in his name. Ari will do anything for Ava, even if his devotion means his own death. Secrets are rampant, lies and new nightmares emerge. Will Ari be the man he promised he would be?
This series has so many ups and downs and always at the VERY end of the books... agggg... why do you do this to me Cat Mann?!!! WHY?!?! 

Now I need the next installment. Like, right now! Wow this book was a wonderful read. I was a little thrown reading from Ari's point of view after coming from Ava's POV in the last book, so it took a few chapters for me to really remember who was talking/thinking etc. I am glad that I got this from his POV though. There is a lot we don't know about Ari other than that he is madly in love with Ava... it was good to finally learn about him.

This was a strange book though, we are moving out of the trauma Ava experienced and the Kakos situation into a whole new one. One that Ari has to deal with. There is a lot of emotional struggle and distrust in this installment as Ari has to come to terms with the fact that the events might not be occurring because of Ava, but are his fault, and he must decide if he can tell his wife about his past...

There is a good amount of emotional drama throughout this one and then actual drama in the last chapter. I love this series and cannot wait for the next installment!


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  1. Great review, Stephanie. I'm glad you enjoyed it!