Mar 9, 2015

Recent Reads: Head Lice by Elise Gravel

Head Lice
Head Lice by Elise Gravel
Series: Disgusting Critters
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date:  February 10, 2015


Format: ebook
Source: Netgalley and Tundra Books in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this book in no way effects my opinion or review.


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Part of a series of hilarious nonfiction books about disgusting creatures, this book examines head lice. It covers such topics as head lice habitats (human heads only, dogs are gross) anatomy (his body is slightly see through, so he can always see what he ate for lunch), and parenting practice (the female louse sticks eggs to human hair and uses the leftover glue for her model airplanes). Although silly and off-the-wall, Head Lice contains factual information that will both amuse and teach.

After receiving The Spider from Tundra Books, I happened upon an ebook copy of Head Lice from Netgalley and had to read it. I really enjoyed The Spider and wanted to read this one as well.

Head Lice is again a non-fiction book about a disgusting creature, a louse. Now where The Spider is cutesy and fun and information I still couldn't help but scratch my head the whole time I was reading about head lice... (ick). The pictures were cute and the character again inserts his funny little quips with each fact about him/her, but I liked the spider more. 

This book was still very informative and will teach children about how head lice spreads - if it needs to be discussed this would be a great teaching tool. Cute, fun and informative. I again enjoyed Elise Gravel's take on a disgusting critter.


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  1. EEEEEEE... that title! LOL Looks like it was a cute read.