Apr 6, 2015

Early Reader Review: Bob's Burgers Volume 2 by Chad Brewster

Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers by Chad Brewster
Series: Bob's Burgers Volume 2
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication Date:  April 7, 2015


Format: ebook
Source: Netgalley and Dynamite Entertainment in exchange for an honest review. This in no way effects my opinion or review of the graphic novel.


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Now you can read about the Belcher family (parents Bob and Linda, and their children Tina, Gene and Louise) with brand-new in-canon stories created by the TV show's producers, writers, and animators! That's right, all-original stories that expand upon the fan-favorite animated series, including hilarious installments of "Louise's Unsolved Mysteries", "Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction", "A Gene Belcher Original Musical", "Letters Written by Linda", "Bob's Burgers of the Day", and much more! "If you like Bob's Burgers and you like comic books then you may feel like you're living in one of the greatest times in human history because Bob's Burgers and comic books are coming together in the form of the Bob's Burgers Comic Book. But, of course, we could really mess it up. Then you'd feel like you were living in one of the worst times in human history. Either way, we hope you'll check it out. We tried to make something that's true to the show and true to the form without being a sad knock-off of either!" - Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bob's Burgers
I have been watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix and really enjoying it. I find Tina and Louise hilarious and love the episode that have them featured and the same was true of the graphic novel. 

I really enjoyed the sections of "Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction" and "Louise's Unsolved Mysteries", they were my favorite bits. I also laughed at Bob's burger ideas - but the more you read of them the more cheesy they get... 

I think that Gene's musicals would have been funnier and more entertaining had there been a note like '...set to the tune of ____' that way I knew how to sing/read those parts. 

All in all I liked this graphic and it did the series justice but I only really enjoyed about half of the elements. I think fans of Bob's Burgers will enjoy this a lot but if you are like me and only like a few of the characters it may be harder to get into.


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