May 25, 2015

Recent Reads: Meerkat Madness by Ian Whybrow

Meerkat MadnessMeerkat Madness by Ian Whybrow
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Publication Date:  April 1, 2013


Format: Paperback
Source: BEA 2013  (Yes, I still have books in my TBR from BEA.)




Goodreads Synopsis: 
"Meerkat Madness " is an uproarious mini-novel for kids in Barron's frantically funny, stupendously silly, and fun-filled "Awesome Animals" series. Kids will start laughing the moment they open this short, easy-to-read novel--and they'll keep on turning the pages to find out which new tricks these hilarious Meerkats are getting ready to concoct next. Comical black-and-white cartoon-style illustrations appear on many pages to capture the story's zany spirit. All "Awesome Animals" novels are divided into chapters, so that boys and girls can put the books down when Mom calls them for dinner--though kids will want to pick these stories up again as soon as they can! 
This was a cute book and I liked it but it wasn't anything spectacular, to me at least. We follow four Meerkats on an adventure that has them fighting off birds of prey, other Meerkat tribes, and even vroom-vrooms. 

I enjoyed the information that this book shares about Meerkats and how they do things - the hierarchy of their groups, how they eat and watch for predictors and how they interact with one another. The story was very fun as well. These four kats are trying to leave their burrow for a new one and their experiences are fun filled and exciting. The book is written in a very clever way, in that everything is from the Meerkat's point of view so human things are foreign to them and it makes for some laugh-out-loud moments.

I think younger readers will get a kick out of this book, it is cute, informational, and fun, and there are even illustrations as well.

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