May 20, 2015

Recent Reads: A'dab's Gift by Talia Haven

A'dab's GiftA'dab's Gift by Talia Haven
Publisher: Talia Haven
Publication Date:  March 23, 2015


Format: Ebook
Source:From the Author in exchange for an honest review, this in no way alters my opinion or review.




Goodreads Synopsis: 
The caravan god is given camels as a gift by A'dab's father. But the god refuses to let her father make another pair to set loose in the mortal world.

Mid-grade short story.
A'dab's Gift is a middle grade short story for ages 6-12. It is fast and easy read and I think can be read in one sitting by most readers. This was a very interesting short story about a god and a family that gives him gifts in the world of the gods but when one of this family defies him to help mortals she is punished.

The story itself is very interesting - you question many things like religion, death, punishment, purpose through this short installment. I think I would like to find out what happens after this short tale - what happens to A'dab. I am not sure we will ever know. There isn't much more I can elaborate on without re-telling the whole story, so that is about it...

I think that this short story will intrigue all readers.


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