May 11, 2015

Early Reader Review: Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad by Jeffery Burandt

Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad by Jeffery Burandt, Illustrated by Dennis Culver and Ramon Villalobos
Series: Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad Chapter 1
Publisher: Oni Press
Digital Release: May 12, 2015


Format: ebook
Source:From Oni Press in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ebook in no way altered my opinion or review.




Synopsis (From Oni Press):

Liz, Bodey, Maude, and Justine's band, Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad, are sure to win this year's Battle of the Bands. But when a talking chimp, who claims to be a scientist from the mysterious organization B.L.A.N.K., interrupts their practice session, the band's got a whole new set of problems. Now B.L.A.N.K. agents are closing in, determined to recapture the escaped chimp before he becomes a liability. Jeffrey Burandt (Americans UK) and Dennis Culver (Edison Rex) bring you this thrilling tale of cyborg animals and punk rock teenagers. 1, 2, 3, 4!
What an incredibly strange comic... I did like it, but found it very peculiar. From Chapter 1 you don't get too much info - Odd Schnozz introduces herself and the band by 'breaking the fourth wall' so to speak and addressing the readers directly. it then shifts into the strange tale- which she even acknowledges as a weird one.

Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad are a punk band having a normal band practice on a normal day, when all of a sudden they are approached by a chimpanzee - one that can talk. He insists that he is a scientist from a mysterious organization and that he as come to find Odd Schnozz- and that is where we are left - questioning the whole interaction...

We do get some info about the characters before this happens - they seem to be a strong group of misfits all with very different quirky personalities. I think that this comic will get very interesting, but I need to read more to find out.


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