Mar 22, 2016

Recent Reads: Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot

Princess on the Brink (The Princess Diaries, #8)
Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries #8
Publisher: HarperTEEN
Publication Date:  2008


Format: Paperback
Source: Bought



Goodreads Synopsis: 
At last, Mia is a junior. An upper classperson. Free of her responsibilities as student body president. So why is it that everything is going so terribly wrong? What is she doing in Intro to Creative Writing? When she has made it through Algebra and Geometry, why must she be faced with Precalculus? And for the love of all that is Genovian, why has Lilly nominated her for school prez again? All this is nothing compared to the news Michael springs on her, however. On top of all the mathematical strife, her beloved boyfriend is leaving for Japan for a year. Precalc has nothing on preparing for the worst separation ever!
Turns out there is one way she might convince Michael to stay. But will she? Or won't she? No matter what, Mia seems headed for disaster.
In this installment, Mia is still a mess - which is kind of the fun of reading these books. As she overthinks everything, all of it falls apart around her and she has to pick up the pieces, learn to deal, or let it all get to her and she does many of these. 

If you have not read the other books in the series, this review might be a bit confusing. 

Mia is still acting like a child in the beginning of this book when she realizes that she is put in the wrong classes, but really she is over-reacting, as always, and I think that she needs to realize it is all really for the best - sadly she doesn't. I found this to be annoying, Mia is privileged and normally has her problems solved for her by the help of others, but she was really whiny about this and just because you think you are great at something doesn't mean you shouldn't want to start at the beginning.

The the book got a little sad, Mia is trying to deal with the fact that Michael wants to better himself and move internationally to work  on a project - and it is sad because it does not really click for her that he is doing it for both himself and to better himself for her. 

As most these books are, this one again was funny, but as we get further into the series I wanted and expected so see more growth out of Mia and did not get a lot of that. This plot was much more active than a lot of the others though, so I give it props for that. 


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