Mar 17, 2016

Early Reader Review: Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe by Rob Hunt

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Kyle Evans and the Key to the UniverseKyle Evans and the Key to the Universe by Rob Hunt
Publisher: MES Inc.
Publication Date:  March 2, 2016


Format: Paperback



About the Book
Some kids love adventure, and dream of being a hero. Ten-year-old Kyle Evans is not one of those kids, but when a giant hole appears in his bedroom and swallows his mom, a hero is what Kyle must become.

Kyle sets out on the journey of a lifetime, and discovers along the way that Battle Droids are scarier than Search Droids, Kranken are more terrifying than either of these, and you should never stand still near a Burgly Bug. But more important than any of this, Kyle learns that sometimes a cat is not just a cat.

Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe is the first book in a quirky adventure trilogy that takes a boy, his cat and his friend Sofia across the universe, gradually revealing their amazing destiny.

In July of last year I had the pleasure of reading a short story by Rob Hunt called Flicker and LOVED it. I was so happy when he asked me to read his next book - Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe. This book is a Middle Grade novel about a boy and his cat, who is actually an alien from another planet. The two get into the craziest schemes together all hinging on the fact that an evil Commander is looking for Bootles (the cat alien).

The draw of this book is the action. You get into it almost immediately and it does not stop so the reader wants to keep reading until the book is done. It was fast-paced and the characters are likable. The fantasy elements of the story are wild and imaginative and it really lends to the overall feel of the book. It was very fun.

I read this book in one sitting, the chapters are fairly short, it is only about 160 pages long and does include some artwork. The story was creative and action-packed and I think young readers will really enjoy it.  And really, who doesn't love  a talking alien cat!?


About the Author
Rob H. Hunt is the author of Flicker and Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe. He loves to write stories about ordinary kids who find themselves in extraordinary situations, like Joel (FLICKER) who wakes up one day and discovers that nobody know who he is, or Kyle (KYLE EVANS AND THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE) who learns that his cat is not really a cat at all.

Rob loves to read (too many books to mention!), watch TV, drive his bright red car (but not at the same time as reading or watching TV) and spend time hanging out with his family. Speaking of family, Rob lives in Connecticut with his wife, three sons and pet goldfish.

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