Jul 4, 2012

Recent Reads: Peter and the Secret of Rundoon by Dave Barry

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Peter and the Starcatchers, #3)Peter and the Secret of Rundoon by Dave Barry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: The continuation of Peter and the Starcatchers and Peter and the Shadow Thieves. Peter and the Secret of Rundoon chronicles the adventures of Peter, Molly, and George as they attempt to save the world and starstuff from the Others. They are on their way to Rundoon to defeat the Others and all the while the island is under attack from another evil force.

Review: I love these stories. I think Peter Pan is a wonderful tale and Dave Berry does a great job giving us more of its background and story. Why Peter can fly and the other Lost Boys cannot and the history of the pirates and the island. It is an adorable story with adventure and escape! Great read/ listen for the summer times months. Light and fun, normally for a younger audience but enjoyable for all. I think that this was supposed to be the conclusion to the Starcatchers series but, there is another volume: Peter and the Sword of Mercy and I think another after that...

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  1. It may be a cool story on its own, but as a prequel to Barrie's Peter Pan it's a huge failure. There are a ton of mistakes between these books and his work. Not only did they completely ignore the fact that Barrie already gave Pan a backstory, they changed his personality and others' as well. And the Lost Boys -can- fly, at least in Barrie. Just one of the many fact-checking errors.

    Of course, one could argue that these are only prequels to Disney's version, I suppose. But then again, that should be made clear rather than tarnish the real tales and make themselves look like, as Tink would say, a silly ass.

    If only 'other writers' took care when borrowing/using another author's work instead of being so disrespectful (... to think that they even hint Barrie wrote it down 'wrong'!)

    Actually, other writers have. There is a faithful continutation of Pan, and it's based on Barrie's own notes for more! It's even in the style of Barrie. Click!

    And another great Pan book is a "What if?" adventure. Though it steers way of course from Barrie, it never loses sight of his characters, the themes, the core essense and the deep psychological ramifications presented by Barrie (which are absent in Barry/Pearson.) But be warned, this one is NOT for kids. Click!