Jul 21, 2012

Recent Reads: Fix by Force by Jason Warne

Fix by ForceFix by Force by Jason Warne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Spencer is just trying to live his life and get through high school, but that is hard when you have a bully tormenting you all the time. He believes that somehow he can change himself for the better and only gets himself into more trouble, and realizations that his life and family aren't what he thinks they are.

Review: Fix by Force is a very emotional ride. Spencer is a strong, stubborn character who is hard to like, even in the beginning. He believes the world kind of revolves around him and that leads him down bad roads. He fights with his mother, gets expelled from school, and then gets wrapped up in steriods to give himself confidence....

It was very hard to read this book, but it was a GOOD tale. I think that it's equivalent would be a tale of a girl with an eating disorder. Spencer feels inadequate and starts using, the people around him start to leave him as he progressively gets worse.

I think that Spencer is hard to follow as a lead character, but it also allows you to understand some of the choices that he makes. This is not a fun fantasy or romance, but a dark, purposeful, piece of writing that will strongly impact the reader.

Only 99 cents on Amazon for Kindle. Please go support this book. It is intense.

Book was provided by the Author for an honest review.

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