Jul 19, 2012

Recent Reads: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon, #1)Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Emma is an ordinary girl, a bit of a clutz. Galen in a Syrena (ie merman...but they hate that word) on land to find a girl who might be able to help his clan and another reunite. While at the beach, Emma and Galen run into one another, but all is forgotten as Emma has an accident and goes home to try to block out everything about that day. Then, out of nowhere, Galen is attending Emma's school, and she has everything about her very existance turn upside down.

Review: WOW! Loved this book. Of Poseidon is action, romance, betrayal, and mystery all wrapped into one. Emma is a great lead, she is interesting, stubborn, and has a good head on her shoulders and Galen is masculine and hesitant and amazing as a male character.
The book is told from both their persepctives so it is very entertaining to see how they play off of one another and both sides of the story, each very unique and keep the reader in tune. Normally when authors swap between characters it makes the book seem choppy, but not here! Banks does a great job of using both sides of the story to lead the reader to the awesome cliffhanger ending....CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!....

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  1. Yes!! I loved this book as well. And the rest of the series just gets better!