Jul 12, 2012

Recent Reads: Freak by E.K. Henry

FreakFreak by E.K. Henry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Background: Juniper is a human in a world run by vampires, and like all other humans lives on rations and in poverty while the bloodsuckers have everything. To stay human in her world condemns you as a Freak. Juniper suddenly finds out that her parents have signed up the family to particiapte on a television show chronicling the daily lives of humans for the vampires.Mom and Dad think this is a GREAT idea, dad gets out of having to be a blood donor, the job for all non-vampires, and their home and meals get re-vamped (lol no pun intended) by the vampire producer.

Review: This seems like this would be a great book, the plot looks so good and it is very entertaining. My biggest problem was the character development, it wsa a little lacking. Juniper the main character is a teenage girl who bitches and moans and that seems to be about it, but we don't really get a sense of why she is acting like that, other than the fact that she doesn't want her life televised. She is a cool character but only has two settings, complain and yell/ freak out....not much more. The other characters were the same, a lot left to the imagination, and not in a good way.
The plot made up for the lack of character develpment when Juniper starts to break out of her home to try to be a vampire hunter, and the action picks up so you can overlook the characters a little.

I think that if you are into vampire books you should give this one a try, maybe it is just me...the premise is good and the violence is fun.

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