Jan 18, 2018

Recent Reads: Nignt Study by Maria Snyder

Source: From Netgalley and Mira in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.  

Night Study by Maria V. Snyder
Night Study (Soulfinders, #2; Study, #5)
Series: Souldfinders #2, Study #5
Publisher: Mira
Publication Date: January 26, 2016  

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27405327-pop-manga-coloring-book?from_search=true  https://www.amazon.com/Pop-Manga-Coloring-Book-Beautiful/dp/0399578471?ie=UTF8&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0399578471&linkCode=as2&redirect=true&ref_=x_gr_w_bb&tag=x_gr_w_bb-20

Format:  Ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Ever since being kidnapped from the Illiais Jungle as a child, Yelena Zaltana's has been fraught with peril. But the recent loss of her Soulfinding abilities has endangered her more than ever before. As she desperately searches for a way to reclaim her magic, her enemies are closing in, and neither Ixia nor Sitia are safe for her anymore. Especially since the growing discord between the two countries and the possibility of a war threatens everything Yelena holds dear.

Valek is determined to protect Yelena, but he's quickly running out of options. The Commander suspects that his loyalties are divided, and he's been keeping secrets from Valek...secrets that put him, Yelena and all their friends in terrible danger. As they uncover the various layers of the Commander's mysterious plans, they realize it's far more sinister that they could have ever imagined.
I am ashamed at how long it took me to get to this book from my Netgalley pile and that it took me so long to finish it. I really loved the Poison Study series and I liked the first in the Soulfinders series as well, and what I enjoy about them is how much world building there continues to be through the series even once you are well into it. The only problem though, is the same thing, there is so much detail about the people, places, thought processes that it can feel like you are trudging through. So if you aren't in the mood to read or for this type of story it can be a rough one. All that being said, I did enjoy this book quite a bit. I love Yelena and Valek, they are adorable together and the twists throughout the book involving them were wonderful. The other characters, while they lend to the overall story just don't always hit the mark, but the story overall was great. I love the politics in these books and the magic and the love these characters have for each other. It is a band of misfits and they come together to do great things. 

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one. My recommendation though, if you find a lot of detail too much or you are looking for a light read, this isn't it. There is a lot to take in all the time and not many parts you can just skim through (if that is how you read). There are little hints and secrets everywhere and they come together beautifully when the books wrap up.

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