Aug 1, 2016

Move Monday: Review of Pixar's Finding Dory

Finding Dory.jpg

Finding Dory
Disney and Pixar
Released: June 17, 2016


Review:  I was very excited to go see Finding Dory. Finding Nemo was my younger sisters favorite movie for years and we watched it all the time and it was funny and actually a good movie even for me when I was a teen.

Finding Dory's release had me very excited. Nemo had jokes for adult and kids and I expected all that creativity in Finding Dory. I think that when this new movie was created the producers geared it toward the original Nemo audience - for us to reminisce and revisit our childhoods. 

Source: USAtoday/ Pixar
The movie was ok but it wasn't as wowing as Nemo was when I used to watch it. I love Dory but I think that Nemo's adventure was much greater. Don't get me wrong, I did tear up in the end but I cry over everything. Overall though the movie wasn't what I expected. 

I loved a few things though - I loved Gerald the sea lion he was hilarious and made me laugh for days. I also loved the Loon Becky that uses Geralds bucket to help Marlin and Nemo find Dory - she is adorable and so helpful. These two were the showstoppers, they made that movie.

I enjoyed Finding Dory and the nostalgia but it wasn't my favorite Pixar movie   

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