Aug 4, 2016

August 2016 TBR Pile

So in 2015 I wanted to hold myself more accountable for my ridiculous TBR pile and I started doing a Monthly TBR post .... only it didn't last very long, I think I only posted for the first 2 months of the year :/

Now that we are in 2016, I really want to try again, so here is my Monthly TBR...
August is ARC August with Read.Sleep.Repeat so I am trying to read mostly ARCs this month. Here is my line up. I am still trying to keep a bit of variety in formats but a little bit of a change from previous month, I am listing more books but only plan on really reading 4 and if I go into more that is great. I wanted to give myself option for August.

Dancing in the Rain   The Lost Twin  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Harry Potter, #8)  BatDad: A Parody  The Underdogs  State Of Grace

Some Notes: 

 Dancing in the Rain releases September 6th (Paperback ARC)

I need to Finish reading The Lost Twin (ebook ARC)

Harry Potter is a new book but I want to read it ASAP! (Hardback)

BatDad is a review copy but has been out for a few months (Hardback) 

The Underdogs (ebook ARC) from May 

State of Grace has been an ARC on my self for over a year - so even though it is release I still need to read the ARC :/ (Paperback ARC)


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