Aug 16, 2016

Movie Monday: Review of Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad
Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment
Released: August 5, 2016



Review:  Oh this movie. I have been both loving and hating previews and snippets and all of the craziness that has been going on with it. It really is a love/hate relationship but I did enjoy the movie. Was it the best adaption they could have done? - No, but it was entertaining and I needed that.

Suicide Squad, for those of you who don't already know, is a Villain movie. It is about a bunch of villains that are forced to be a swat team of sorts and help solve the cities supernatural/ metahuman problems. 

I love Harley Quinn, if you read my blog you may have noticed that - I am reading/reviewing her New 52 Comic series. So she is really the reason I went to see this movie. I was not super impressed with the casting choice of Margot Robbie but I was surprised at how well she did in the movie. I think her portrayal of Harley was not bad, granted I think that I could have used less booty short shots. 

I liked how they did the movie overall but I think that a lot of the other characters in the Squad were under-explained and left out quite a bit. The movie really focuses on Harley and Deadshot. I like both of their backstories and would love to see them developed more, but I would also like to see other characters share that spotlight.

 I would also like to note that a lot of people were really upset by Leto's portrayal of the Joker and also the lack of Joker in the movie. I do agree that 'pimp' Joker as I have been calling him was a bit off-putting. I did not really like it. He was not what I expect of the Joker and he seemed to really love Harley, but throughout their history I feel like their relationship isn't that loving. He is mean and abusive and she is crazy in love anyway but he is not, he uses Harley. In this movie he actually loves her, and I don't remember any Joker version have the compassion to love like that.
As far as 'lack' of Joker goes, I think that the marketing of the movie was so off, there was so much focus on Joker... but as I like to point out, even though Harley and Joker have history, Joker is not part of the Suicide Squad, so while he is in the movie I think that his presence was pointless and the character was used to pull people in to see it.

And I feel like I am ranting now, so back to the positives. I really enjoyed the action and the violence of the movie, I think that an R rating would have suited it all better but you win some you lose some, so for a PG-13 movie it was not bad. I lived the characters, I like the opening for more movies, and I really enjoyed Harley Quinn, I think she is a strong female in the DC universe even though she is a bit of a nutter. Overall it was entertaining and I needed that. The absolute best part of this movie is the soundtrack ... SO GOOD.

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