Aug 8, 2016

Movie Monday: Movie Review- The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets poster.jpg
The Secret Life of Pets
Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment
Released: July 8, 2016



Review:  I have been seeing previews for this movie forever. I even made my husband watch the first one that I saw forever ago. I love pets and I love the idea that when pet parents are away they play and get into all kinds of interesting trouble. And we come home and are none the wiser.

Having both a cat and a dog I really enjoyed watching all the pets get along and the cat was very cat-like and the dogs all very dog-like, but even knowing some of their quirks were so funny and entertaining in cartoon form.

I went to see the movie with a friend of mine and we had a blast, we loved this movie. It was laugh-out-loud funny but also had a lot of intense moments. I think that parents will enjoy this movie just as much as kids will. There are enough 'adult' jokes sprinkled throughout but subtle enough too. The movie was action- packed from the very beginning all the way through the end and did not disappoint. 

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