Feb 7, 2016

Building the Book Pile #173

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Hello Readers, Bloggers, and Awesome people! 

This has been a crazy week of emotions. They have ranged from excitement and love to anger and anxiety and I have honestly had a poop week. 
On the positive - which I am VERY excited for, I am going to be a doggie foster mom to this little guy. Isn't he adorbs!? He is a Boxer/Rottie mix and he is 4 months.
Also positive, my hubs made me a built-in last week and we finished painting the office :) Here are some before and after shots.

Now on to the poop, I had a very busy, chaotic work week that led to some depression and anxiety and this may seem to be overreacting to most but because I have anxiety, I have been hyperventilating for days. 
I work for a college where I support some faculty members and I have just been super busy and I keep feeling like I am working in circles. I am asked to book something and then I am asked to cancel and then I need to find a new solution and I feel like I am doing the same job in triplicate. What didn't help matters was the fact that only half my emails about any issues were going through, so it seemed like I wasn't helping at all.
I don't know... I think I need more work/life balance :/
Oh! and my basement decided it wanted to flood. It rained on Wednesday - hard, and I was shop-vaccing water out of my basement all afternoon/evening because my horrible holey old foundation wall decided to spring some holes -- yea that was fun too (I hope you can hear the seething sarcasm) 
ANYWHO... I really hope that all of YOU had wonderful weeks (no sarcasm here), please share your happiness with me in the comments, I really need it this week :/

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None for Review, but I did go to the library... 

Library Books!
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Have you missed anything lately?

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