Jul 7, 2015

Recent Reads: Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton

Atlantis Twisting TidesAtlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton
Series: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Novella
Publication Date: November 4, 2014


Format: ebook
Source: From the Author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has altered my opinion or review of the book.



Goodreads Synopsis: 
When unrest threatens her kingdom, a mermaid princess must choose between loyalty and love.

When fifteen-year-old Atlantean Princess Adria sneaks away to see a hurricane on the surface of the ocean, she finds an air-breather in trouble. Kai’s sailboat is sinking and Adria risks exposure of her Atlantean powers in order to save him.

Kai believes he’s rescuing Adria. He’s Atlantean too, with his own skills and secrets.

The two teens stumble onto an uninhabited island still thinking the other needs rescuing. When other Atlanteans show up—Atlanteans plotting against Adria’s kingdom—Adria must decide whether to trust Kai based on the guy she’s come to know or the company he keeps.
I haven't read any books in the Lost Daughter's of Atlantis series before this one and I think this was a good short one to jump into to see if the series was going to be for me, and while it was only a novella I think it was a very good one. From the beginning I was pulled into the story - a young girl in the waves trying to save a man on a boat - only problem is that she is undecided as to whether it is a good idea. 

The novella follows Adria as she is in conflict with herself about helping a human only to find that she has made quite possibly the gravest of mistakes. I loved her indecision, then her determination to do something - it felt very teenager and she was supposed to be a teenager. Being reckless is just something teens do - she is no different. 

The short story is a good lead up into book 5 of the series as well, although there were some key points that may have been left out for readers which I am sure are indicated in the other books in the series - it was still cohesive and a fun, quick read.

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