May 10, 2018

Recent Reads: The Third Kind of Magic by Elizabeth Forest

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The Third Kind of Magic (Crow Magic #1)
The Third Kind of Magic by Elizabeth Forest

Series: Crow Magic #1
Publisher:  Arbori Books
Publication Date:  March 17. 2018

Format:  Ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Can one twelve-year-old girl fight a witch?

Exiled from her village for accidentally using advanced magic, Suli must either become a wise woman or be shunned as a witch.

She's apprenticed to the wise woman Tala, but Suli's magical education is cut short when a witch kidnaps her teacher to learn the secret of shape-shifting.

Suli discovers she too has inherited the shape-shifting ability. and even without her teacher, learns to fly and to talk to animals.

Then the witch asks Suli to make a terrible choice: Suli must live with the witch as her apprentice, or she’ll never see Tala again.

But if she agrees, she’ll be called a witch for the rest of her life. 

This was a delightful book with magic, fantasy, and mystery all rolled up into a middle grade read. The story is about Suli, who is learning to become a Wise Woman for her village and in order to learn she is sent away. However, it is hard times for anyone learning or using magic; some think that all magic users are witches, so those who depend on it for the reasons are often in trouble.

Suli is inquisitive and strong throughout the book, and she does grow quite a bit as she learns the pros and cons of magic and how to become a Wise Woman. She is faced with learning about how to use her magic properly but also learning that there is more than just black and white to everything, there are grey areas and how she should fall into them, if needed. Like learning all this isn't enough, there is also witch trying to kidnap her as well to find out the secrets of her mentor. 

The overall story is engaging and there are enough mysteries and questions throughout to keep the reader wanting more - I really enjoyed it. I think younger middle grade readers will also enjoy, especially if they like magic and fantasy.

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