May 9, 2018

Blog Blast: Excerpt and Giveaway - Autumn Eternal by Kyle Bagsby

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Today I have the pleasure of sharing an excerpt and giveaway from Kyle Bagsby the author of Autumn Eternal, the first book in The Fantastical Stories Told Beneath the Willow Tree series for Middle Grade readers.


Autumn Eternal by Kyle Bagsby, Illustrated by  Yevhan Karpenko
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Publication Date:  May 1, 2018
Available on Kindle 5/1/2018 
 Paperback & E-Book 
  If you purchase the paperback for 8.99 you can download the e-book version for .99!!!  

About the Book
Of all the places to grow up, Kip Carringer spent his youth in the secluded little town of Arno. Strange things were common there but no one seemed to notice, except for Kip that is. There was a witch living in the woods and all year long it was Autumn. And as if that's not strange enough, all the birds around the town and through the woods mooed like cows, instead of chirping or squawking like birds are supposed to do. 
Kip was determined to uncover the secrets of the town, all while trying to convince his best friend Marleigh that he wasn't crazy. However, unknown to Kip, adventure was waiting for him just around the corner. Adventure that would be filled with pie stealing creatures and a dark, dark looming shadow. 
Where Mischief Steals Pie

Aunt Susan called from outside the door following with her usual gentle knock. “Kip are you awake?”

Kip jerked awake, drool still hanging from his lip. “Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute Aunt Susan.” He had fallen asleep with his face buried in his story. He had stayed up the entire night writing in his new-found book. He shuddered in the cold and shut the window that had been open all night before raking his hands through his hair and reaching for his cap. Kip grabbed his journal and started towards the book before pausing. He decided against taking it with him in fear that Gary Turner would get his grubby fingers on it.

“So, Kip,” said John peering over his newspaper. “Have you asked that pretty girl to the Harvest Ball yet?

“Not yet Uncle John,” he replied.

“You better before someone else does.”

Kip shrugged awkwardly, not knowing how to respond. He sat at the table and took a drink of orange juice. “Can I get my breakfast to go, please.”

“Now Kip, that’s two days in a row. You know I like to eat as a family.” Said Aunt Susan with a disapproving scowl.

“I know. It’s just been a busy week at school. I’ve been helping Marleigh with decorations.”

John perked up at the mention of Marleigh’s name. “Let him go, Susan. The boy has an important matter to attend to.” He went back to his coffee seemingly content with Kip’s response.

“Okay, but tomorrow you’re gonna sit and eat.” Susan handed him two brown paper bags. One with breakfast and one with lunch.

“Thanks, Aunt Susan.” Kip kissed her cheek and made his way outside avoiding the second to the last step as always.


Marleigh was grinning at him when he got near. She was sitting outside waiting for him. “Yesterday you’re too early, and today you’re late. Kip Carringer, you are becoming quite the rebel,” she said laughing.

“Aren’t you even going to ask what was in the book!” Exclaimed Kip.

“Wasn’t planning on it, but I’m sure you’ll just tell me anyway.”

Nothing,” he said pausing. “Absolutely nothing but ink stains and blank pages.”

“Well that’s exciting,” Marleigh said smirking as they walked. The girl enjoyed nothing more than getting Kip worked up over anything.

“It’s disappointing, that’s what it….” Kip stopped on the sidewalk, stunned. Fuzzy brown ears stuck out from behind a shrub not ten paces in front of them. The creature wobbled out from its awful hiding spot before looking both ways. Satisfied with itself, the thing made a funny clicking sound into the air, and two more emerged from nearby. One fell from a tree with a thud and the other rolled out from behind a bale of hay. Ears perked in unison as the little pack took off across the street and towards Mrs. Tubbertown’s house.

Kip watched in awe as the three creatures stacked atop each other in the most uncoordinated fashion. The one on top stretched till his paws could reach the pie cooling in the window. They quickly tumbled down, pie and all, as the door slammed open and Mrs. Tubbertown emerged still in her nightgown and curlers with a broom chasing after them. The creatures bolted back across the road tripping and falling over each other. Mrs. Tubbertown was winded, and her cheeks were stained a rosy shade by the time she made it to the street ending the pursuit.

“Those are squablins...and they just stole a pie.” Kip couldn’t believe what he had seen.

“Yes, and it’s Mrs. Tubbertown’s stupid fault because she knows better than to leave a pie in the window. Although it is always funny to watch.”

“What do you mean yes? Those are my squablins in real life!” Kip still hadn’t moved.

“Kip, dear sweet Kip, we’ve already had the bird talk once this week. Do we really need to have the squablin talk too? We may need to get you checked out by a doctor. Think you’re going a bit crazy if you know what I mean.”

“No Marleigh, I made them up, and I drew them,” Kip said as he rummaged through his backpack for his sketch pad. “See, I drew them!” Kip flipped to the page where he had first drawn the picture.

“Congratulations on your accurate depiction of a squablin Kip; however, they are usually a bit chunkier than that one. Still looks good though,” said Marleigh with a grin. “We’re gonna be late if we stand here all day.” Marleigh grabbed Kip by the arm and started dragging him towards school.


Never had a day of school lasted longer than that one. The usual happenings and classes seemed to drone on longer than average, and Kip spent the day deep in thought. He imagined how the creatures could be real and how Marleigh didn’t seem to blink an eye at them. He couldn’t remember showing her the pictures he had drawn because he had not finished with them yet and it wasn’t just her. Classmates made mention of them in passing as if they had always been there.

During arithmetic he had finally concluded that this morning must have been a dream and that none of it happened, but what he saw out the window moments later only reassured him that he must have been going crazy. With an utterly confused expression, he watched as two squablins commandeered a cart of pumpkins and began to pilot it down the road.

Until that day, Kip wasn’t aware that a pumpkin cart could travel at such a high rate of speed. The one steering was holding on for dear life with his little paws clutched to the wooden handle while his hairy little feet whipped in the wind behind him like a flag in a storm. The other squablin must have been buried beneath the pumpkins. They rode the cart straight into Corey Randall’s produce stand sending cabbage and squash flailing in all directions. To be such an old man, he did an admirable job of fending them off. That is until one of them took his cane. After that, Corey Randall hurled carrots at them while they looted the place. Kip was pretty sure one of the two squablins stuck its little pink tongue out at the old man as they made their retreat.

© Kyle Bagsby

About the Author

Kyle Bagsby lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife and three boys. He studied Elementary Education and Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. Kyle writes middle grade fantasy books and coaches youth baseball. He writes stories for children because they are the best audience, and he hopes that they will learn something and carry his stories with them for years to come.

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