Mar 21, 2017

Recent Reads: How to Pack by Hitha Palepu

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How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip
How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip by Hitha Palepu
Publisher: Clarkson Porter Publishers
Publication Date:  March 7, 2017

Format:  Hardback



Goodreads Synopsis: 
It's time to pack perfect. Every trip, every time. Your journey starts here.
When you travel, the journey is just as important as the destination -- and packing is the first step. In How to Pack, Hitha Palepu, a former consultant who has traveled more than 500,000 cumulative miles around the world, shows that what and how you pack are who you are. Confidence and comfort inspire success upon arrival, whether you're exploring a new city, hoping to nail a job interview, or relaxing on a beach. In How to Pack, you'll learn about:
- Power Pieces vs. Fantasy Pieces: How clothing earns its place in your suitcase
- The Accessory Math Secret: The precise formula for all you need to finish off your outfits
- Folding versus Rolling: What's right for which items
- Globetrotter Gorgeous: Editing your beauty routine while still looking great
- The Packing Timeline: How to avoid "I'm forgetting something" syndrome
- Pack Perfect Lists: Samples and blanks for any kind of trip
This was the perfect little book about packing. It was very straight-forward and included all sorts of lists and diagrams for ease of use. I think that it is a very cool idea to have a book about packing and this came to me right after I went on a trip and so I got to see all the things I did wrong, but it all made sense.

Palepu laid everything out in a very logical manner and although she talks a lot about business travel, I think that a lot of it can be adapted to vacations as well. I think that packing for a professional trip would actually be a lot easier for me than vacation packing but Palpeu seems to get A LOT of use out of everything she packs and that is where I would be lacking. She gives great advice and even informs the reader about suitcases and the best ones for different circumstances.

It was a very helpful read even though I did not need it in my immediate future, I think next time I take a trip I will be referring back for sure. 


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