Mar 20, 2017

Bloggiesta Spring 2017 - To Do

"The idea behind Bloggiesta is to spend four days working on perfecting your blog and connecting with other bloggers who are doing the same thing. Spread the word and get all your friends to come and fiesta with us!"
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Bloggiesta Spring 2017 runs from March 20-26!

So for my list I would like to do the following, as I complete items I will be using strikethrough:
  • Back up the blog
  • Update my "Reviews by Author" Tab
  • Update my TBR spreadsheet - I do this normally but I need to clean it up again A LOT!
  • Clean up my inbox - so fresh, so clean :D
  • Cross post reviews to Goodreads/ Amazon/ Librarything as needed.
  • Participate in a Twitter Party - don't think I am making any, I have an event on Saturday and I had a very crappy day on Thursday so I missed that one :/
    • The deets (#bloggiesta @bloggiesta):
        • Thursday March 23 @ 8pm EST: Focusing on keeping blogging fun! Led by Rachel Noel at Purple Owl Reviews
        • Saturday March 25 @ 7pm EST: Finish Line Chat! What we learned and crossed off our to-do lists! Led by Elle at Words on Simmer
  • Do some mini challenges 
  • Prep some posts - I have prepped one for 3/21, 3/28, making progress on one for 3/31, 
  • Visit as many Bloggiesta blogs as possible (IF NOT ALL) to cheer people on :) Visited every blog up to #21, commented on most but Wordpress was giving me some trouble in the commenting :/ so there were a few without comments

Added Items:
If there are any other things I think of or find on another bloggers list I will add them here :)

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