Mar 30, 2017

Recent Reads: Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie

Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot, #19)
Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie
Series: Hercule Poirot #19
Publisher: Black Dog and Leventhal
Publication Date: March 30, 2007 (this edition)

Format: Hardback
Source: Borrowed from the library for book club.



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Among the towering red cliffs and the ancient ruins of Petra sits the corpse of Mrs. Boynton, the cruel and tyrannizing matriarch of the Boynton family. A tiny puncture mark on her wrist is the only sign of the fatal injection that killed her. With only twenty-four hours to solve the mystery, Hercule Poirot recalls a remark he overheard back in Jerusalem: "You do see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?" Mrs. Boynton was, indeed, the most detestable woman he had ever met.
I enjoy Agatha Christie and as a teen I read A LOT of her books, but they are mysteries and you really have to be in the mood for them...I picked this one up for a book club, it was surprisingly one that I had not already read. I found it to be entertaining but I wasn't really in the mood to read at all so it fell into that 'I liked it' category versus the more swoony ratings. 

This mystery followed a family who was traveling and while away their mother dies. It is originally called a natural death but then another person traveling with them realizes that it may be foul play and Hercule Poirot happens to be in the area to help out with the mystery of her death.

This was a strange mystery there were a lot of jumps in the end to get to the result and I know that happens at times but it was a very long-winded explanation and I found it to be a bit of a pain. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy finding out who -done -it but still. 

If you have not read any Agatha Christie but enjoy mysteries I think you should give her a try, they are classics.     

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