Mar 27, 2017

Movie Monday: Review of Beauty and the Beast

This movie Monday is going to be a bit different because instead of comparing the book-to-movie adaptation I would like to talk about the New live-action Beauty and the Beast and compare to Disney's animated version, which is one of my absolute favorites. And mostly this will be a review of the new movie.

Beauty and the Beast 2017 poster.jpg
Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Released: March 14, 2017



I have been looking forward to this movie forever and I am so excited that it is finally out. I have to admit that Beauty and the Beast (the animated version) is one of my favorite movies... I think it is the reading/library/quirky Belle that always had me. She was strong and determined and she liked to read - she was everything I wanted to be and I already had the reading thing down.  So when I learned about the live-action version of this movie, I was SO afraid that everything would be ruined. I was in tears watching  this movie because I was so excited about it. 

I think that Emma Watson as Belle was a wonderful choice. I think that she is a strong woman who took this role and ran with it but only in the best of ways. I loved the story and how they portrayed it AND I absolutely loved that they kept the songs! (Side-note: I  watched the Jungle Book re-do and was very sad that the singing was mostly gone... I wanted the singing!!!).

The movie overall is enchanting; Watson was the heroine we all remember; Luke who plays Gaston was just as obnoxious as the animated character, if not more, and I wanted to punch him in the throat... However what might be the most fun part of this movie was LeFou. Josh Gad did a wonderful job playing the part, and whereas in the animated version he was a follower, in this rendition he was at times logical and hesitant with Gaston, even to the point of making fun of him and I really liked that spin on it. 

Overall, I highly recommend seeing this remake if you have not already. I saw it in 2D and still need to go see the 3D version. If you saw the 3D one, let me know your thoughts... was it worth it?

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