Sep 16, 2016

Recent Reads: Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harley's #5 by Frank Tieri

Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys (2016-) #5
Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harley's" Look Through My Window by Frank Tieri and Jimmy Palmiotti
Series: Harley Quinn and Her Gang Harley's #5
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date:  August 31, 2016

Format:  Comic
Source: Bought



Goodreads Synopsis: 
This is it-the story you’ve been waiting for: the secret origin of comic’s newest, deadliest and most insanest villainess, Harley Sinn! Why is she so obsessed with Harley? How did she manage to become a super-villain? And what is her connection to the Gang of Harleys themselves? Find out this issue! Plus...Harley’s still kidnapped! So there’s that.
Mini Review: 
It is a little weird that it took 5 issues before getting to the origin story of the main villain in this short run of comics and I actually really enjoyed learning about her.

I think that the build up in these previous issues has all been a little to crazy for me, but by learning about why this woman is a nut-job it actually pulls it all together. So I enjoyed this installment. Harley is in for some trouble though as she is tries to escape the clutches of this psychopath. But it is Harley and I have all the faith in her, especially with her gang helping her out. I cannot wait to see how the series concludes in the next issue. I am hoping for a lot out of it though, so we will see how it goes.  

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