Sep 5, 2016

Recent Reads: Cartozia Tales

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Cartozia Tales by Various
Series: Cartozia Tales #1
Publisher:  Cartozia Press
Publication Date:  2016  

Format:  Paperback



Synopsis from
Our first issue, revised and expanded: 52 pages, featuring stories by all seven core cartoonists, plus a couple of really charming stories by our guests Jon Lewis and Dylan Horrocks. The first issue also features a full-color map of Cartozia, some short pieces about mapmaking (which you can preview here on the website), and a variety of one-page stories, pin-ups, and activities designed by an amazing roster of indie-comics fans and guests.
The cartoonists who joined us for this reprint edition, to make Cartozia just that much more fun: Graham Annable, Zander Cannon, Tom Kaczynski, Roger Langridge, Caitlin Lehman, Dylan Meconis, Chris Schweizer, and Spike Trotman.
I recently attended a day of Vermont Comic Con and came across this wonderful booth of graphic novels. The tales focus on a map because all fantasy lovers are thrilled to find a map in their book. What makes this unique is that the tales are all different sets of characters working their way around different parts of the map, so you experience all over the map and meet a bunch of different characters!

A majority of the spreads are in black and white but there are a few full color pages - everything was beautifully drawn and all the tales were very interesting. I would love to see what happens to all the characters and the map as they progress - but that is the other thing - the artists switch it up! Everything about this book is a collaboration and I think that is an awesome idea.

I flew through this one reading it and I think parents and younger readers will definitely enjoy it. There are even activities for kids like map making and pirate ship building and that is just in one issue. 

My favorite tale from this issue is called The Frightlight by Dlyan Horrocks - it has a girl hoping to get a question answered, a monstrous fish, and a robot (now that you are intrigued - you should go get a copy.) I also really loved the adorable and sometimes creepy critters throughout but my favorite characters so far are those in Vagabond: Sylvia by Jen Vaughn - there was so much mystery to them, I can't wait to read more.

I do wish more of it could be in color because the color is fanatastic but it is an indie and I completely understand that sometimes it just isn't in the cards...Overall, I think this is going to be a great series and love the idea of it all.

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