Sep 6, 2016

Early Reader Review: Cat vs. Human Fairy Tales by Yasmine Surovec

 Source: From Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Cat vs. Human Fairy Tales
Cat vs Human Fairy TailsPublisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date:  September 6, 2016

Format: Ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Cat Versus Human: Fairy Tails is a collection of fairy tales for cat lovers as interpreted through the whimsical comics of Cat Versus Human.

In this collection from popular Web comic Yasmine Surovec, fabled characters and fairy princesses are replaced with cat ladies and gents ... and cats.  Rapunzel’s prince comes to rescue…his cats. Sleeping Beauty’s true love’s first kiss comes not from a prince but from a curious kitty. Each comic puts a contemporary witty spin on classic stories while continuing Yasmine’s brilliant comedic take on cats and their owners.  The result is a collection that illustrates that cat ladies make for more interesting (and somewhat crazy) princesses.
Cat vs. Human is an adorable series about cats and their humans versus the cats belonging to humans - as is the truth which you know if you own a cat. In this installment, we have the retelling of human fairy tales as cats would see them or interact with humans in them and it is in graphic novel format. The graphic novel has beautiful richly colored bright images throughout and is a very easy read. 

Some of the re-told tales include: The Little Mermaid, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Ugly Duckling - appropriately renamed to 'The Ugly Kitten'. This book was very entertaining and I really enjoyed reading it over a lunch break. The illustrations are simple yet captivating and the retellings are humorous but still true enough to the originals to spot what tale they are. I think that the author did a wonderful job conveying the hilarity that is cat ownership and love, and shows cats in their very natural state of taking everything over.

If you are a cat lover, I strongly recommend this for you. It is adorablably purr-fect (hahahahaha- sorry, if I can't laugh at myself, who will).

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