Oct 23, 2015

Recent Read: Princess in Love by Meg Cabot

568609Princess in Love by Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries #3
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Publication Date:  March 26, 2002


Format: Hardback
Source: Library



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo may seem the luckiest girl ever.She's a princess, for starters. She also lives in New York City. And while she's no supermodel, mirrors do not crack at her reflection. Best of all, she finally has a boyfriend.

The truth is, however, that Mia spends all her time doing one of three things: preparing for her nerve-racking entree into Genovian society under the slave-driving but elegant Grandmere, slogging through congestion unique to Manhattan in December, and avoiding further smooches from her hapless boyfriend, Kenny.

All she wants is a little peace and quiet...and a certain someone else to be her boyfriend. For Mia, being a princess in love is not the fairy tale it's supposed to be...or is it?
Mia is still trying to figure out how to be a princess and attend school as a normal teenager and this installment she has her mind turned towards boys. The plot of this book focuses more on Mia's high school life versus the  princess experience she is having. While that is still an element, it is overshadowed by Mia's desire for a boyfriend, and not the one that likes her already.

I am still loving the short diary entries of these books, they are easy to read, it is easy to pause and do something and come back to it easily. Mia is your typical angst female in this installment. She is a bit whiney and needy as well, and  I am not really sure why she decides to date a kid that she doesn't like, either way it was entertaining again to see her panicking about her situation. She eventually is able to handle herself as an adult and I am liking this evolution of her as she accepts what is happening and what is to come. I am excited to see what happens when she arrives in Genovia.  

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