Aug 12, 2013

Early Reader Review: Stitch Head. The Pirates Eye by Guy Bass

Stitch Head. The Pirates EyeStitch Head. The Pirates Eye by Guy Bass
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
Available: Now! August 1, 2013


Format: Ebook
Source: Netgalley and Capstone Young Readers

My rating:
Background: Stitch Head is a creation of Mad Professor Erasmus, actually the first creation. He has been long forgotten and cleans up after the Professor and his wild monstrous creations throughout the castle. Stitch Head has resigned himself to the shadows, doing his self appointed job and doing it well. In this installment Stitch Head realizes that he may in fact be part pirate and that is great because the Professor has left the castle and it is time for adventure!

Review: I really enjoyed the first book of Stitch Head, with its macabre pictures and adorable little rag doll main character. Again I enjoyed this plot as well. After having read the first, you get to know Stitch Head a little more in The Pirates Eye, he has more feelings and is still searching for himself and what he wants to do with his half-existence.

I like that he was not as lonely in this story but I also like the other characters; they play well off of one another. Stitch Head tends to be pessimistic, Creature is overly optimistic and Arabella is violent and spontaneous. There is even a cute/ terrifying new addition to the squad.

As per the last installment, I think these would be great for boys (and girls if they are into creations and madness and overall scary things). I think this plot was more exciting than the first edition and I assume they can only improve from here. I cannot wait to read more of Stitch Head and his adventures in finding himself.

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