Aug 22, 2013

ARC August Update #3

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Hello Readers! 

I have been keeping track of my updates on my original post but decided it would be nice to have update posts throughout as well. But you can keep track as I go at that link :)

So during the Third Week of August I have completed -- 

1 Audiobook ARC and ...that's it :( -- Total is up to 5


Covers go to Goodreads 

Gated by Amy Christine Parker -- 3 Stars - wasn't on my list but still an ARC right?!!

but I also got 46% into...

Weather Witch

Weather Witch by Shannon Delany -- and it was a DNF :/
I really tried to get into it and really wanted to like it but no such luck. Oh well. (DNF review up this weekend)

This week I am going to try to do better than this past one and my goal is: Wicked Kiss (again bc I didn't get to it) and maybe Eternity Cure and then that will be my required list... here is hoping!

Update #1
Update #2 

Have you been participating? Link and Comment below and I will come visit you!


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