Jan 19, 2013

Recent Reads: The Paladin Prohpecy by Mark Frost (Audiobook)

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost
Available: Now!
Publisher: Random House

Format: Audiobook
Source: Random House Audio for Review

 My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Will West is a fifteen year old who is running for his life. One day out of nowhere he is being chased by these strange people in black caps, and his mother is acting super strange. He is forced to leave his home in search of answers and decides to go to an invite only school he was recently recruited into. Nothing seems to add up and weird things are happening all around him.

Review: I was very excited to pick up this book when I did. WOW, I am so happy to say that it has lived up to the epic nature everyone seems to be sharing about it. I read the first chapter on RandomBuzzers, a wonderful website for any of you YA booklovers. Here’s a Link if you wanna check it out. (They have chapter previews, discussions with authors, and book giveaways)

The book starts as a whirlwind, Will is almost immediately running for his life and the suspense is all there, even before you learn more about him as a character. After the first chapter it only gets better, the plot is a mix of fantasy, science, and an elaborate idea of guardians thrown together with some teenage insecurities and bullying.

Will is a likeable character, he is genuine and smart and follows all of the rules his father has taught him throughout his life…and boy are there a lot of them. The villains are all over the place, there are so many characters you aren’t sure who is out to get who, but that is the beauty of it. If I had to compare it, I would say it is a more mature version of Harry Potter: A boy meant to fulfill a prophecy he knows nothing about, and only his friends can help him solve the puzzles.

I am very interested to see where the story leads, I felt amazed by Frost’s ability to create such an awesome world in this first book and have high expectations for the next.

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