Jan 9, 2013

Recent Reads: Alibi's Ghosts by LS Hullinger

Alibi's Ghosts, The Larger-Than-Life Small World of a Medium's Daughter Alibi's Ghosts, The Larger-Than-Life Small World of a Medium's Daughter by L.S. Hullinger
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Alexandra 'Alibi' Vernon has a strange talent, and so does her mother. Her mother is a Medium who helps people deal with the deaths of their loved ones. Alibi has a similar gift, the ghosts that her mom is a Medium to, normally send her messages in mysterious ways. Some have her make sandwiches while sleepwalking, others make noises, and even her grandfather and cousin tend to appear to her. This week, her mom has a lot more readings than normal, and Alibi is sent on a clue hunt for the ghosts, which oddly all seem to be linked.

Review: This was an adorable Middle-Grade read, the font of my paperback copy was large and inviting to younger readers and the story was fast paced, surprising, and mysterious. Alibi is a very strong character, scared by very little, and just trying to get through this week with her mother. Alibi keeps note sheets about each of the ghosts that she encounters in their strange ways, and the author has included them for the reader,like clues for use to pick up and put together to solve the mystery. And it is a mystery, a kind of scavenger hunt. As a reader, I think these types of books are both fun to read but also a puzzle to solve, and I think younger readers will agree.

I recommended this for Middle Grade readers, not too scary so the ghost aspect isn't haunting.

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