May 4, 2012

Recent Reads: Misguided Angel, Blue Bloods #5 by Melissa de la Cruz

Misguided Angel (Blue Bloods, #5)Misguided Angel, Blue Bloods #5 by Melissa de la Cruz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: In this issue of the Blue Bloods series, Schuyler and Jack fled to Florence to follow the path left by Lawrence about the gates that protect the world from Lucifer. Mimi has been named Regent of the New York Coven and has a murder and conspiracy on her hands which threatens to expose the vampires to the public, and Bliss is nowhere to be found. Instead of Bliss, we are introduced to Deming, the Angel of Mercy, who is brought on to help solve the mystery of the murder for Mimi and the Coven. All hell is breaking loose and Mimi, Schuyler and Jack all have things they need to resolve.

Review: The last few books in this series have been a little anti-climactic; this one however, was a quick read. I liked that Bliss wasn’t around, not that I don’t enjoy her character, but for too long have there been 3 point of views which got disruptive. In Misguided Angel, we start with only chapters of Schuyler and Jack and then a batch of only Mimi, which some historical snippets along the way… we aren’t pulled to the 3rd character until Deming comes to New York to help Mimi and she isn’t overbearing nor annoying to ‘listen’ to.
I was a little upset that again all of the story lines are kind of left hanging, but there was a good tale that did end and had a great twist at the end. All of the pieces are slowly coming together and I have the next one from the library already, going to start reading soon.

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