May 2, 2012

Early Reader Review: The Guild, Volume 2 by Felicia Day

The Guild, Volume 2The Guild, Volume 2 by Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Sean Becker, Kim Evey, Sandeep Parikh
Available: July 4, 2012
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: The Guild Volume 2 showcases the lives of the Knights of Good before season 1 of the show. It includes the one-shots of Vork, Tink, Bladezz, Clara, and Zaboo as we are lead up to the Season one start with Zaboo meeting Codex. We learn about their family members, home lives, and how/why some of them play the game.

Review: Loved, Loved, Loved this. I was super excited to get a chance to read Volume two as a collection of the one-shots. I love The Guild and have watched all the episodes, but had not read the comics or graphic novels yet. The way we learn about the characters in the show is super funny and it is the same here on a page. Vork is just as ridiculous, but now we see where he gets if from; Tink lies about everything; Bladezz is his same annoying mouthy self, and Clara and Zaboo are as eccentric as ever. I think everything about this collection is wonderful. I also liked the variations of the characters, the illustrators did them justice in comic form.
If you like comics, gaming, nerd things, or just like to laugh at the expense of some nerdy individuals, you should read this.

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