May 31, 2012

Early Reader Review: Grimm Fairy Tales V. 11 by Joe Brusha

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 11 TpGrimm Fairy Tales Volume 11 Tp by Joe Brusha
Available: NOW, May 15, 2012
Publisher: Zenescope

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Background: From publisher- Follow modern-day Snow White, Sela Mathers, as she journeys to limbo to save her prince who is being held captive by the Mistress that rules the realm.
Along the way she must battle the demons that inhabit the realm and face one of the deadliest enemies she's ever encountered — Jack the Giant Killer! Collecting issues #65-70 of Grimm Fairy Tales.

Review: I received this copy of Grimm Fairy Tales from Netgalley not really expecting what I would read. The Grimm Fairy Tales I know are not a graphic novel, so I was intrigued. I must say that the first thing that came to my attention was the females and their forms. I mean I am pretty sure a breast reduction would be in order for my back if my chest was as big as some of these girls! However I know that the demographic for such reading (comics) is normally mainly male, so I will move on.
The story line was interesting and the characters fun, I was a little lost about who the characters were, but I assign that to this being the first of the series I have ever read and it chronicles #65-70. An interesting read but not my favorite, and the art kept throwing me off, not realistic…

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